IPCC 5th Assessment Report Zero Order Drafts

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The following pdf's comprise most of the chapters of the draft '5th Assessment Report' of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They were leaked by IPCC insiders concerned at both the methodology of the Report preparation and the secrecy in which it was being conducted. The IPCC has formally requested removal of these drafts from various web sites. However, in view of the IPCC committment to transparency in its work (see the following extract from its governing principles) and considering the controversial matters revealed in the draft, Wikispooks believes there is a clear public interest case for making it available to the public.

2. The role of the IPCC is to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation. IPCC's "Principles Governing IPCC Work" [Emphasis added]

The Report Zero Order Drafts

Working Group One (WG1

Working Group Two (WG2)

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