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Testimonies of Crimes against humanity in Fallujah

Towards a Fair International Criminal Trial

Presented to the 15th session of the Human Rights Council
United Nations, Geneva, 13 September - 1 October 2010

Prepared by:

Introductory Letter to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - 20 September 2010

Your Excellency

Followings upon our previous reports and submitted statements concerning what has happened and continue to happen in the City of Fallujah, Iraq. We wish to draw your attention to the deteriorating situation.

From the outset and at the start of the indiscriminate and merciless campaign of collective punishment and wilful destruction, undertaken by the occupational troops of the United States of America, and inflicted upon the innocent defenceless civilians in Fallujah Most of which commenced in 2003 and since., The inhumane siege and indiscriminate killing that occurred in the First Incursions of Fallujah,(4/4/2004 to 5/5/2004).The genocidal massacres commenced with sustained and targeted bombing campaign, aimed directly at the homes of defenceless civilians, resulting in the killing and maiming of dozens of them, all carried out, under the false pretext of “pursuing the leaders of the resistance”, they then, proceeded to prepare the media and political establishments, for a second massacre in September 2004 the operation, seized in November 2004, as in the first incursions, has again resulted in the deaths of thousands more innocent, defenceless civilian victims, killed, wounded, now missing, or were displaced At that time, peace proposals, were set out and outlined in an open letter, the proposals were drawn by the interim government of Mr. Iyad Allawi those proposals were then submitted to Mr. Kofi Annan, the former General Secretary of the United Nations, these were summarily dismissed and completely ignored, denying the chance and opportunity for a sustained peaceful resolution. As you are fully aware, no doubt, all these actions and acts, by the US, constitute deliberate war crimes and violations contrary with the charters and aims of the Geneva Conventions and in complete violation of International humanitarian laws.

We have no wish or desire to reiterate the principles of international justice, upon which the Organization of the United Nations was established, or the common basis and objectives, that applies any time and place, the clear definitions and meanings of crimes and violations, remains the same and applies to the entire human race, including all human rights activists. We humbly ask you, through your offices and that of the Special Procedures for the Human Rights Council to examine the deliberate perpetrated violations and crimes, contained in the attached report and to apply same moral, legal obligations and responsibilities, that prompted the creation of the United Nations, and investigate the crimes using the same criteria as were applied to other countries, such as Rwanda and the Kosovo, they were just as heinous.

To view all forms of injustices, as abhorrent acts, contrary to the aims and goals expected from the application of civilized universal justice that are contrary to what unites the human race as a civilized community, expected every human being mission’s on earth, deserves to be afforded same degree of respect and in accordance with all heavenly religions, and international laws on which the United Nations was established, plead and implore you, state that the very least action that can you undertaken would be to express the respect for the memory of the defenceless victims, to investigate the crimes and violations contained, not only in this report, but all what has been inflicted upon Iraq, placing the country at the top of the world's daily list for deaths and the numbers of displaced persons, both internally and externally, not to mention the ensuing savage corruption, child molestation, rape, rampant kidnapping, all contrary to the noble goals and the foundations of your organisation

In anticipation of your response, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation,

Dr. Muhamad Tareq Al-Darraji
President of Conservation Centre of Environment and Reserves in Fallujah - CCERF
Director of Monitoring net of human rights in Iraq – MHRI

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