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Document.png A article  by Joël van der Reijden dated 25 November 2009
Subjects: Pedophocracy
Source: ISGP Archive
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Beyond Dutroux ties to 1950s-era CIA covert operation

Plus: the mysterious "Dr. Green" identified

November 25, 2009

Round and round

Amazing, without really wanting it, I keep looping back to the things I wrote down in the Beyond Dutroux and Nebula articles.

If you didn't know it already, I seem to have an interest in anything that is unorthodox. A couple of months ago, having been done with this site and having a break from regular studies, I was reading and summarizing the work of Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Joe Slate, etc. all at the forefront of - yes - reincarnation therapy (and let's not forget the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson). As a result I wanted to understand more about how hypnosis and trance states work - so I looked at Amazon and about the only somewhat interesting book I found had been written in 1990 by a Doctor named [[D. Corydon Hammond] entitled Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors.

This is funny, because Dr. Hammond appears in footnote 300 of my Beyond Dutroux article. As one of the top people in the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and one of the world's foremost experts in the field, it's interesting that two years after publishing the book mentioned above, Hammond held an apparently totally-off-the-wall speech to therapists of child and ritual abuse.

Hammond, who has worked with thousands of clients, spoke about a clandestine intelligence group which since the end of World War II had been trying to create a mind-controlled assassin, i.e. so-called "Manchurian Candidate". The basic idea behind mind control is to create multiple personalities in a subject, causing a psychological disorder known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

Not much has been published on this subject, so there may be ways that are not known by the public, but one sure way to create multiple personalities reliably is as follows: take a young child and you expose it to the most horrific sexual and physical abuse imaginable. Do that and you can start playing around with all the different, individual personalities.

This was not a problem, according to Dr. Hammond, as the main person overseeing this research was a scientist, a "Dr. Green", who had done this type of experiments for the Nazis. At the end of World War II, he was brought over to the United States by the group that would soon form the CIA (and who has been familiar with ISGP's writings knows it was only FDR and public opinion that kept this group from working with the Nazis against communism).

Ironically, the scientist in question had a Jewish background and while doing his experimenting, he inserted a lot of Cabalist symbolism in his programming. Over the years this programming became very complex and even dangerous to work with for "deprogramming" therapists. Dr. Hammond had picked up on this and tried to explain the process to fellow therapists back in 1992.

In his 1992 speech, Dr. Hammond did not identify the "Dr. Green" or "Greenbaum" who was doing most of the programming. As I had no real interest to dive very deep in mind control research, because of the stigma attached to it and because of all the nonsense in the traditional conspiracy community, I didn't look further and focused on other cases that had possible ties to the Dutroux X-Dossier case; Finders, Michael Aquino, the Franklin Affair, Craig Spence, etc.

Because I did my best to stay clear of going back to anything related to ISGP, I did not buy Hammond's book and in fact, went to do something entirely different. Another month went by when I asked a person for some of his David Guetta music. Besides David Guetta, I ended up receiving the work of band called Muse. Now, Muse is a band that I find incredibly boring. The only thing interesting about it is that they have numbers with names as "Exogenesis" and "MK-ULTRA". Laughing about this a bit, I typed in "MK-ULTRA" in Youtube... and there we went again.

Incredible parallels; cameras and mirrors

For some reason I had never seen the testimonies of Claudia S. Mullen, Christine DeNicola Ebner and their therapist Valerie Wolf in front of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments in March of 1995. Mullen and Ebner claimed to have been victims of sexual abuse and mind control, a program apparently overseen by many of the same persons who were involved in illegal radiation experiments on unwitting victims. These testimonies were not given any attention in the press, but in context of the Beyond Dutroux article they are extremely interesting.

In Beyond Dutroux we cited X1 as having said:

"In Brussels there was a villa in which a room was set up with built-in cameras. Even in the 1970s these cameras were so discrete that only the people who maintained them and the child- prostitutes knew where they were located... Why did I had to get those guys clearly in the picture, why was I supposed to get them to hit me and brutally rape me? Why was 'regular' sex often not enough?... Blackmail, the word that was never mentioned, I only started to really understand when I was thirteen, fourteen years old...

"The pimps also had another tactic. They invited a person who could be useful to them. They went to dine with him, and took him - after he had been liquored up - to a 'party'. Men from the top layer of society are used to visiting or getting offered prostitutes. They usually knew that something like this would follow, and the prostitutes they would see upon entering would be slightly older girls, between 16 [sexually mature in Belgium] and 18 years old. More booze and cocaine would be supplied, for ambience. And only then the 'prey' would be taken to a room where a younger girl was waiting, like me, then."

Not mentioned previously on this site, but brought to my attention by the person who created a Youtube film for ISGP's Beyond Dutroux, is the following statement by X1:

"Don't get me wrong. I took part in a lot of murderous orgies (as a forced child prostitute), but more often in orgies that had no aim except blackmail. The hard core consisted of about forty people, at most. There were a few hundred blackmail victims, perhaps thousands. What I find most serious is that these people have kept quiet. What did they do that was so bad? They slept a few times with a 15- or 16-year-old girl sometimes not even consciously and they know that there are photos. Why don't they speak? Why don't they help?"
Claudia Mullen, during committee hearing.

When listening to the testimony of Claudia S. Mullen about an event that took place in 1959, you can hear the following:

"The next year, I was sent to a place in Maryland called Deep Creek Cabins to learn how "to sexually please men." Also, I was taught how to coerce them into talking about themselves. It was Richard Helms, who was Deputy Director of the CIA; Dr. Gottlieb; Captain George White and Morse Allen, who all planned on filming as many high government and agency officials and heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible; so that later, when the funding for mind control and radiation started to dwindle, projects would continue. I was used to entrap many unwitting men, including themselves, all with the use of a hidden camera. I was only 9 years old when this kind of sexual humiliation began."

Mullen provided more details in a follow-up interview:

"The CIA kept hotel rooms in two of the best hotels in New Orleans,

and year around, they kept a suite. It was unique in that it had two bedrooms and one bedroom was where they kept the hidden cameras and I was actually shown the hidden cameras by three men who handled that part of it. They called him Captain George White - he was formerly a doctor. He used to be in the narcotics squad in California and then he became a doctor, and joined the CIA. And then there were two other men who worked with him. They would put me with the subjects who would be filmed (the men) and then when the men would come into town -- I am talking about local politicians, government officials -- anybody who they needed to possibly get something on, keep on file for future reference -- should they need to coerce this person into supporting the projects. Senators, congressmen, anything like that -- if they were in town, they were given this room. They had no reason to think there was anything strange about the room. It didn't look any different than any other room -- it was just one of the better suites in the two hotels. ...

"When I was first told this I was nine and I went to the Deep Creek Cabins in Maryland. That's when I was taught I was going to be part of this project, I had been accepted into this project, that I had been accepted into this project that would help the government stop Communism..."

Well, aren't that some interesting parallels?

Mind Control history 101

A lot of people might be skeptical that so called "mind control" research has taken place. Rest assured, this is a fact. Details came out in the 1970s and were mentioned in the major newspapers, as well as several investigative committees that were set up at the time.

The vast majority of files on mind control were destroyed by outgoing CIA director Richard Helms in 1973. A large chunk of other files have never been released and it's entirely possible that research has continued without anyone knowing who is doing it and how the research is carried out.

What we do know is that serious, operational research on hypnotic programming began around World War II. Two psychologists who proved it was possible to hypnotize soldiers and make them carry hidden messages, change their political convictions, or even to make them attack their friends, were G.H. Estabrooks and John G. Watson. Here are three examples which have been given by Estabrooks over the years:

Example 1:

"During World War II, I worked this technique with a vulnerable Marine lieutenant I’ll call Jones. Under the watchful eye of Marine intelligence I split his personality into Jones A and Jones B. Jones A, once a 'normal' working Marine, became entirely different. He talked communist doctrine and meant it. He was welcomed enthusiastically by communist cells, and was deliberately given a dishonorable discharge by the Corps (which was in on the plot) and became a card-carrying party member. All I had to do was hypnotize the whole man, get in touch with Jones B, the loyal American, and I had a pipeline straight into the Communist camp." ...

Example 2:

"The ‘hypnotic courier’ provides a unique solution. I was involved in preparing army subjects during World War II. One successful case involved an Army Captain. He was an excellent subject but did not realize it. I removed from him, by post hypnotic suggestion, all recollection of ever having been hypnotized. I put him under deep hypnosis, and gave him – orally – a vital message to be delivered directly on his arrival in Japan to a certain colonel – let's say his name was Brown – of military intelligence. Outside of myself, Colonel Brown was the only person who could hypnotize Captain Smith. This is 'locking.' I performed it by saying to the captain, ‘We will use the phrase ‘the moon is clear.' Whenever you hear this phrase from Brown or myself you will pass instantly into deep hypnosis.' When Captain Smith re-awakened, he had no conscious memory of what happened in trance. The system is virtually foolproof."

Example 3:

"In deep hypnosis the subject, military or civilian, can be given a message to be delivered to say Colonel X in Berlin. The message will be perfectly safe because the subject will have no memory in the waking state as to the message. It can be arranged that the subject will have no knowledge of ever having been hypnotized. It can be arranged that no one beside Colonel X in Berlin can hypnotize the subject and recover the message….I will take a number of men and will establish in them through the use of hypnotism the condition of split personality. Consciously they will be ardent Communists, fanatical adherents to the party line. Unconsciously they will be loyal Americans determined to thwart the Communists at every turn. These men will have no knowledge of ever having been hypnotized, and can only be hypnotized by such persons as the original operator may choose. Consciously they will associate with the Communists and learn all their plans. Once every month they, as loyal Americans, will tell what they know. This sounds unbelievable, but I assure you, it will work."

John Watson also hypnotized a number of Marines around the time of World War II. He showed that it was possible to hypnotize a Marine and make him believe a friend or superior officer is an enemy that must be attacked or even killed.

It appears that members of the OSS (the later CIA) picked up on these successes and by the late 1940s had begun to set up their own programs. The first was BLUEBIRD, followed by ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA and MKSEARCH. Below is a list of Mind Control (related) programs and the dates that they were active.

CHATTER (Navy program to interrogate enemy) 1947-1953
BLUEBIRD 1950-1951
ARTICHOKE 1951-1953
MKNAOMI (germ warfare contract with Army) 1952-1969
MKDELTA (operational side of ULTRA) 1952-1964
MKULTRA 1953-1964
MKSEARCH 1964-1972

It's important to note that within these "mind control" projects there were hundreds of subprojects. They could deal with hypnosis, but just as well with hallucinogens, chemicals, radiation, electricity, brain implants, overall brain research and experimentation, or other things that could directly or indirectly influence the functioning of the brains.

Many scientists were approached by the CIA to conduct this type of research. Among them were Sidney Gottlieb, James Hamilton, Louis Jolyon West, Ewen Cameron, Robert Heath, William Sweet, Harold Wolff, Martin Orne, Jose Delgado, and many more. None of these scientists have admitted, however, that it is possible to create a spy or assassin by means of hypnosis. Their predecessor, Estabrooks, is the only one who has taken a clear stance on this:

"The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating multipersonality, with the aid of hypnotism. This is not science fiction. This has and is being done. I have done it. ...

MK-ULTRA subproject x: sexual blackmail

Mind Control research is interesting, of course. The same goes for some of the immoral chemical and radiation experiments. But of particular interest here is an MKULTRA sub-project ran by George White, a former lieutenant colonel in the OSS who after the war had become active again in the narcotics squad.

White had been approached by Sidney Gottlieb, head of the CIA's TSS department and the MKULTRA project, in 1953. He was given a lavish apartment in New York City and was asked to invite all kinds of people - a lot of them preselected - so he could slip them a variety of drugs. The media has generally presented White's apartments as an operation to test all the different drugs Gottlieb's CIA lab was producing, and although this may be true, the more important purpose here appears to have been to find ways to make people give up their secrets. White started out with drugging criminals and mafia figures, but whether this was the intent from the beginning or not, the project soon evolved into one continuous entrapment operation (and apparently involving more than just KGB officers). John Marks in his 1978 book 'The Search for the Manchurian Candidate' wrote in remarkable detail about this operation:

"In CIA jargon, White became MKULTRA sub-project #3. Under this arrangement, White rented two adjacent Greenwich Village apartments, posing as the sometime artist and seaman "Morgan Hall." White agreed to lure guinea pigs to the "safe-house"—as the Agency men called the apartments—slip them drugs, and report the results to Gottlieb and the others in TSS. For its part, the CIA let the Narcotics Bureau use the place for undercover activities (and often for personal pleasure) whenever no Agency work was scheduled, and the CIA paid all the bills, including the cost of keeping a well-stocked liquor cabinet—a substantial bonus for White. Gottlieb personally handed over the first $4,000 in cash, to cover the initial costs of furnishing the safehouse in the lavish style that White felt befitted him.

"Gottlieb did not limit his interest to drugs. He and other TSS officials wanted to try out surveillance equipment. CIA technicians quickly installed see-through mirrors and microphones through which eavesdroppers could film, photograph, and record the action. "Things go wrong with listening devices and two-way mirrors, so you build these things to find out what works and what doesn't," says a TSS source. "If you are going to entrap, you've got to give the guy pictures [flagrante delicto] and voice recordings. Once you learn how to do it so that the whole thing looks comfortable, cozy, and safe, then you can transport the technology overseas and use it. "This TSS man notes that the Agency put to work in the bedrooms of Europe some of the techniques developed in the George White safe-house operation."

In 1955, White moved his operation to an apartment in San Francisco. He turned it into another playboy-style mansion and again had several prostitutes working for him. He soon became regional head of the Bureau of Narcotics and could largely do whatever he pleased. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Dr. John Gittinger and Dr. James Hamilton were among those who regularly spent time at the apartment of White to observe the operations (and seemingly also for a lot of pleasure). Next to the drug experiments, it was especially Hamilton who had a specific focus on "deviant sexual practices". We now extensively quote from Marks's book again:

"To supplement the furniture he brought from the New York safe-house, he went out and bought items that gave the place the air of the brothel it was to become: Toulouse Lautrec posters, a picture of a French cancan dancer, and photos of manacled women in black stockings. ...

"TSS officials wanted to find out everything they could about how to apply sex to spying, and the prostitute project became a general learning and then training ground for CIA carnal operations. After all, states one TSS official, "We did quite a study of prostitutes and their behavior.... At first nobody really knew how to use them. How do you train them? How do you work them? How do you take a woman who is willing to use her body to get money out of a guy to get things which are much more important, like state secrets. I don't care how beautiful she is—educating the ordinary prostitute up to that level is not a simple task."

"The TSS men continually tried to refine their knowledge. They realized that prostitutes often wheedled extra money out of a customer by suggesting some additional service as male orgasm neared. They wondered if this might not also be a good time to seek sensitive information. "But no," says the source, "we found the guy was focused solely on hormonal needs. He was not thinking of his career or anything else at that point." The TSS experts discovered that the postsexual, light-up-a-cigarette period was much better suited to their ulterior motives. Says the source:

"Most men who go to prostitutes are prepared for the fact that [after the act] she's beginning to work to get herself out of there, so she can get back on the street to make some more money. . . . To find a prostitute who is willing to stay is a hell of a shock to anyone used to prostitutes. It has a tremendous effect on the guy. It's a boost to his ego if she's telling him he was really neat, and she wants to stay for a few more hours.... Most of the time, he gets pretty vulnerable. What the hell's he going to talk about? Not the sex, so he starts talking about his business. It's at this time she can lead him gently. But you have to train prostitutes to do that. Their natural inclination is to do exactly the opposite.

"The men from MKULTRA learned a great deal about varying sexual preferences. One of them says: We didn't know in those days about hidden sadism and all that sort of stuff. We learned a lot about human nature in the bedroom. We began to understand that when people wanted sex, it wasn't just what we had thought of—you know, the missionary position.... We started to pick up knowledge that could be used in operations, but with a lot of it we never figured out any way to use it operationally. We just learned.... All these ideas did not come to us at once. But evolving over three or four years in which these studies were going on, things emerged which we tried. Our knowledge of prostitutes' behavior became pretty damn good. . . . This comes across now that somehow we were just playing around and we just found all these exotic ways to waste the taxpayers' money on satisfying our hidden urges. I'm not saying that watching prostitutes was not exciting or something like that. But what I am saying was there was a purpose to the whole business.

"In the best tradition of Mata Hari, the CIA did use sex as a clandestine weapon, although apparently not so frequently as the Russians. While many in the Agency believed that it simply did not work very well, others like CIA operators in Berlin during the mid-1960s felt prostitutes could be a prime source of intelligence. Agency men in that city used a network of hookers to good advantage—or so they told visitors from headquarters. Yet, with its high proportion of Catholics and Mormons— not to mention the Protestant ethic of many of its top leaders—the Agency definitely had limits beyond which prudery took over. For instance, a TSS veteran says that a good number of case officers wanted no part of homosexual entrapment operations. And to go a step further, he recalls one senior KGB man who told too many sexual jokes about young boys. "It didn't take too long to recognize that he was more than a little fascinated by youths," says the source. "I took the trouble to point out he was probably too good, too well-trained, to be either entrapped or to give away secrets. But he would have been tempted toward a compromising position by a preteen. I mentioned this, and they said, 'As a psychological observer, you're probably quite right. But what the hell are we going to do about it? Where are we going to get a twelve-year-old boy?" The source believes that if the Russian had had a taste for older men, U.S. intelligence might have mounted an operation, "but the idea of a twelve-year-old boy was just more than anybody could stomach."

This all happened in the years after the San Francisco apartment had been furnished in 1955. Judging from John Marks's book, it clearly was realized that videotaping a person having sex with an under-aged child is one of the most effective ways of entrapment. However, it is also obvious that the vast majority of people in and outside the CIA would never get themselves involved in such criminal and immoral operations. But does this also go for the CIA leadership?

Integrating Claudia Mullen into timeline

So, in the 1955, 56, 57 period we have Gottlieb, White, Gittinger, Hamilton doing their first experiments with sexual entrapment operations, apparently learning (getting inspired?) about all kinds of "sadistic" and "deviant sexual practices", and apparently also facing their first dilemma of whether or not to use child prostitutes.

A lot of question arise now. Would they actually go as far as to use children? If so, did they create another subproject? If they created this subproject, did they put anything on paper? If they did, was it part of the stash that Richard Helms destroyed in 1972? And also, would this subproject be restricted to entrapping important communist agents or life and death situations only?

All questions that we can't answer for certain. What we can do is that Claudia Mullen has testified that in the 1957-1958 period she, as a victim of sexual abuse, was brought to Gottlieb's CIA crowd by the leadership of Tulane University in New Orleans. A number of doctors tested her intelligence, the way she responded sexually, how obedient she was, how much pain she could endure, and a number of other things. Then in 1959 this group brought her to the rather remote Deep Creek Cabins in Maryland, where her training as a child prostitute began. Each time she went, she was with a group of 75 other kids.

During the 1960s and maybe 1970s she was regularly used to entrap important officials. Two of them she mentioned: Senator Frank Church, who in 1975 was chairman of one of the most important committees ever to investigate CIA wrongdoing; and Senator Russell B. Long of Louisiana, who in the 1966-1967 period supported district attorney Jim Garrison in his search for the real murderers of president John F. Kennedy.

Senator Frank Church Mullen: Was filmed doing something incriminating. Apparently he needed to keep the funds going and protect the illegal CIA projects when the investigations began in 1975.

Born in 1924. Democrat. Lawyer until 1956. U.S. senator from Idaho 1957-1981. Chairman Church Committee in 1975-1976, which investigated a whole range of alleged illegal activities of the CIA (and FBI), both foreign and domestic. Domestic spying and covert action, assassinating foreign leaders, assassinating JFK, illegal radiation and chemical experiments, MK-ULTRA, Mockingbird, etc. - everything would potentially be investigated by this committee. Sought the Democratic nomination for president, but withdrew in favor of Jimmy Carter. Chairman Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1979-1981. Partner in the firm Whitman & Ransom, Washington, 1981-1984.

Senator Russell B. Long Mullen: "There was a Senator from Louisiana that I was with a couple of times. ... They had to do that [shock treatments], because I couldn't go home remembering that I had just been with Senator Long or somebody like that. ... He was kind of old, but apparently he was on one of the committees that was checking up on the CIA. They were always being checked on ... that's what they told me." '

Born in 1918. Democrat. Served to lieutenant US Navy, 1942-45; participated invasions of Sicily, Anzio, Southern France. Sole practice, Baton Rouge, 1946-1947. Associate Long & West, 1946-1948. Executive counsel State of Louisiana, 1948. Elected senator U.S. Senate 1948-1987. Assistant majority leader 1965-1968. February 22, 1967, Des Moines Register, 'Kennedy Probe Hailed by Lane': "Senator Russell B. Long (Dem.), La. said Tuesday he is convinced District Attorney Jim Garrison of New Orleans has "some information the Warren Commission didn't have" about a possible conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Long, the assistant Democratic leader in the Senate, told an informal news conference he had discussed the possibility of a conspiracy with Garrison at length on a plane trip last October. "He asked me not to tell the FBI what he was doing and I didn't," Long said." February 24, 1967, Lowell Sun, 'Only Dist. Atty. Garrison Holds Key to "JFK Assassination Plot': "LATER he [Garrison] talked it over with U.S. Sen. Russell B. Long, D-La. the Senate Democratic whip. Long told him he had his own doubts about the Warren Report, notably the sequence of firing of the shots that killed Kennedy Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas."

Mullen has accused everyone that was involved in George White's sexual entrapment organization. She also gave the names of Stephen Aldrich and Morse Allen, who, like Gottlieb, were equally involved in overseeing the mind control programs. Here is a list of names that Mullen gave and what they allegedly did to her. The second witness, Christina Denicola Ebner, could only verify having seen Dr. Wilson Greene. She was not involved in this network to the extent Mullen was.

Dr. Stephen Aldrich Part of the group that did tests on Mullen.

The CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology-specifically its Office of Research and Development (ORD)-did not remain idle after Director McCone transferred the behavioral research function in 1962. In ORD, Dr. Stephen Aldrich, a graduate of Amherst and Northwestern Medical School, took over the role that Morse Allen and then Sid Gottlieb had played before him. Aldrich had been the medical director of the Office of Scientific Intelligence back in the days when that office was jockeying with Morse Allen for control of ARTICHOKE, so he was no stranger to the programs. Under his leadership, ORD officials kept probing for ways to control human behavior, and they were doing so with space-age technology that made the days of MKULTRA look like the horse-and-buggy era. If man could get to the moon by the end of the 1960s, certainly the well-financed scientists of ORD could make a good shot at conquering inner space. They brought their technology to bear on subjects like the electric stimulation of the brain. They actively experimented with placing electrodes in the brain of animals and—probably— men. Then they used electric and radio signals to move their subjects around. Little to nothing is known about their achievements.

Morris "Morse" Allen Part of the group that did tests on Mullen. Did a lot of other projects dealing with radiation. Present with Gottlieb, White, "Uncle Otto" (a doctor from Kansas who taught her to sexually please men) in reviewing the blackmail operations.

Started with his anti-communist career in the late 1930s when he joined the Civil Service Commission and set up its first security files on communists. Served with Naval Intelligence during World War II, first pursuing leftists in New York and then landing with the Marines on Okinawa. After the war, he went to the State Department, only to leave in the late 1940s because he felt the Department was whitewashing certain communist cases. Soon joined the CIA's Office of Security. Worked with North Korean prisoners of war. Became head of the Bluebird and Artichoke mind control program in late 1950 until late 1954 when Sid Gottlieb and his more scientific team took over in the form of MK-ULTRA (at the orders of Allen Dulles). Conversed with CIA psychologists, including an unnamed one that was developing electroshock treatments to torture and daze persons who needed to be interrogated. Worked with CIA consultants on things like ultrasonics, vibrations, concussions, high and low pressure, the uses of various gases in airtight chambers, diet variations, caffeine, fatigue, radiation, heat and cold, and changing light. Was fascinated with hypnotism and after a course from a well-known stage hypnotist in the early 1950s, he began to do "manchurian candidate" type of experiments with his secretaries. During the summer of 1954, allen lobbied for a "terminal type" of hypnosis experiment. A foreign agent would be recruited, be given information under hypnosis, told to forget this information as soon as he came out of hypnosis, handed over to a friendly police force by spreading the rumor the subject was a communist agent, and through contacts in the friendly police force the CIA would monitor if the subject began to remember while being tortured.

Dr. Charles Brown Among those who occasionally sexually abused Mullen. Friend of her mother, Darwin Fenner and Robert Heath. Used to work with Martin Orne in the 1950s and had many CIA contacts. He was te family doctor and the monitor of Mullen. When Mullen came to him for help he had to make sure she would get additional treatments and forget the abuse again.

No details.

Dr. Ewen Cameron Came in as a consultant around 1960 when Mullen was about 9 or 10. She would be brought to Tulane and Cameron would be there to do electroshocks. At least appeared to be a little friendly to her. Good friends with the "Dull Men", the Dulles Men. There was a story that he was a story like he was a hero to this "Dull Man" because he had saved his son from something. I knew the one Dull Man, called John but I didn't know his brother, I just heard about him.

Former president of the American, Canadian, and World Psychiatric Associations, and a member of the Nuremberg medical tribunal which had investigated Nazi doctors. Cameron, practicing at McGill University, had experimented with "depatterning" and "psychic driving," extraordinary experiments where, inter alia, he wiped out patients' memories with repeated electroshocks designed to reduce those subjected to them to the status of helpless, incontinent "infants," whose psyches he then purported to rebuild. Cameron at his death was a highly respected figure in his profession. Only after it emerged that much of this work had been secretly supported by the CIA.

Gordon Thomas, 'Journey into Madness' (1989): During WWII, Cameron served on an 'ultra secret' committee that informed Allen Dulles et al as to the psychiatric profiles of Nazi leaders. This is where there relationship started. Dr. Cameron was one of the few non-Agency (CIA) men who turned up regularly at the [CA] parties (with Allen Dulles; William Buckley, etc.). Cameron knew Allen Dulles’s wife, Clover and treated her psychiatric problem. Cameron knew other members of the MKULTRA program and was being recruited by the CIA.

Dr. Robert A. Cleghorn Appeared to work with Cameron. Very cold and anti-social. Believed in using a lot more electricity in the electroshock treatments than Cameron did.

Followed Cameron as director of McGill University’s Allan Memorial Institute of Psychiatry.

John Foster Dulles A friend of Dr. Ewen Cameron and Mullen had seen him occasionally (circumstances unknown). Never seen his brother Allen.

Prominent member of the Anglo-American Establishment (Pilgrims Society). He and his brother, a top-level OSS and CIA operative, grew up with the Rockefeller brothers. Worked with big Nazi-supporting industrialists in an effort to stop communism.

Darwin S. Fenner Mullen has stated that Fenner and many of his high society-King of Carnival friends abused young children at private parties, often hosted by Fenner. This happened after her stepmom began to loan her out to these people for abuse.

Born in 1908 and part of the ruling class of New Orleans. Studied at Tulane, but dropped out. Managing partner of the brokerage firm of Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane. Member of the Board of Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund 1953-1963, and chair 1963-1968. Did what he could to keep te segregation in place and not allow blacks at Tulane (ultimately failed). Chairman of the Board of station WYES-TV in 1969. Leader in Rex, New Orleans' premier Mardi Gras organization, and in 1955 paraded as King of Carnival. His wife, Flora H. Sanders Fenner, was Queen of Carnival in 1959.

Dr. John Gittinger John Gittinger was the "Goatee Man". He was mainly just talking to me, trying to get an idea of what I was like, was I obedient.

CIA psychologist and MKULTRA case officer on hypnosis. Protege of Sidney Gottlieb. Known to have met with Col. Dr. George White at his bugged playboy apartment used to entrap drug dealers and such.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb Worked very closely with Martin Orne, Dr. Steven Aldridge, and Morse Allen. Good friend of Richard Helms. One of the few who didn't abuse Mullen, probably because the rumor that he only liked little boys was true. Present with Allen, White, "Uncle Otto" (a doctor from Kansas who taught her to sexually please men) in reviewing the blackmail operations.

Jewish. Joined the CIA in 1951 as head of the chemical division of the Technical Services Staff (TSS). Ran MK-ULTRA and took Bluebird/Artichoke over from Morse Allen in 1954 at the orders of Allen Dulles. He and his team had a different approach to creating a Manchurian Candidate, but tried to achieve the same thing. Good friend of Richard Helms.

Dr. Phyllis Greenacre Tested Mullen for sexual type things, how she responded sexually. Consultant to the group.

Protege of leading psychiatrist Adolf Meyer. Came to New York in the 1930's to direct the outpatient unit of the Payne-Whitney Psychiatric Clinic at New York Hospital. She remained there until the late 1940's, when she went into private practice in Manhattan. She retired at the age of 90 and moved to Garrison. Dr. Greenacre wrote several books dealing with the development of infants and small children, including Trauma, Growth and Personality, (W. W. Norton; 1952) and Swift and Carrol: A Psychoanalytic Study of Two Lives, (International Universities Press; 1955). She was a former president of the American Psychoanalytic Association. She was professor emeritus of clinical psychiatry at Cornell University Medical College. Died in 1989.

Dr. James Alexander Hamilton Mullen: "Oh, Hamilton [also abused me]. He was a horrible man. James Hamilton. He was from California I think. Yes, Stanford or .. he was from California and he was involved in projects that had to do with deviant sexual behavior and ... every time he got a chance, from the time I was eight years old, until in my twenties, he took advantage of it. They even had a tape of him ... he didn't seem to really care though. ... The ones [projects] having to do with sex had low numbers -- project #2, #3, #7, #12 -- they were mainly under Dr. James Hamilton. He was the head of those. He was one of the consultants."

Born in 1907. Assistant professor psychology, assistant dean students University California, Berkeley 1941-1942. Served to major U.S. Army, 1942-1948, but was recruited during this time by the OSS. Helped set up the assessment program for potential OSS agents. Hamilton was a good friend of White, who also lived in San Francisco. Both men apparently had met during their time in the OSS. Private practice San Francisco 1948-1978. Clinical instructor psychiatry Stanford (California) University 1949-1955 and associate clinical professor psychiatry 1956-1975. John Marks: "At the safehouse, where most of the testing took place, doctors were seldom present. Dr. James Hamilton, a Stanford Medical School psychiatrist and White's OSS colleague, visited the place from time to time, apparently for studies connected to unwitting drug experiments and deviant sexual practices. ... Hamilton had joined MKULTRA in its earliest days and had been used as a West Coast supervisor for Gottlieb and company. Hamilton was one of the renaissance men of the program, working on everything from psychochemicals to kinky sex to carbon-dioxide inhalation. By the early 1960s, he had arranged to get access to prisoners at the California Medical Facility at Vacaville. Hamilton worked through a nonprofit research institute connected to the Facility to carry out, as a document puts it, "clinical testing of behavioral control materials" on inmates. Hamilton's job was to provide "answers to specific questions and solutions to specific problems of direct interest to the Agency." In a six-month span in 1967 and 1968, the psychiatrist spent over $10,000 in CIA funds simply to pay volunteers— which at normal rates meant he experimented on between 400 to 1,000 inmates in that time period alone." Director and vice chairman Chemetrics Corp., Burlingame, 1975-1979

Dr. Robert G. Heath Friend of Darwin Fenner and Mullen's mother. Through Fenner, Mullen was referred to Heath and it was he who brought her into the CIA abuse project.

Instructor neurology Columbia University 1946-49. Attending psychoanalyst Columbia (Psychoanalytic Clinic) 1951-1956. Chairman of Tulane's Department of Psychiatry and Neurology from 1949 to 1980. Friend of Darwin Fenner. Friends in government and the CIA. Member and administrator in many clubs and private institutes, mainly in and around New Orleans. Died in 1999.

Richard Helms According to Mullen, "Uncle Richard" was head of the "Sensitive Research" Department, "Dirty Tricks Department" he called it. Only interested in teenage girls from about 13 years and up and only at this point did he become sexually interested in Mullen. Before that he always ignored her. Always took her to places where there weren't any camera's.

Transferred from the Navy to OSS in 1943. Worked under William Casey and Allen Dulles during WWII. At the CIA's Office of Special Operations 1947-1952. Chief of operations at the CIA's Directorate of Plans under Frank Wisner 1952-1960. Deputy director for plans CIA 1962-1965. Deputy director CIA 1965-1966. Director CIA 1966-1973. In 1968 he informed LBJ that nuclear material had been diverted to Israel, but nothing was done about it. Patron of Sidney Gottlieb, who ran the MK-ULTRA program. Ordered all MK-ULTRA files destroyed in 1973. US ambassador to Iran 1973-1976. International consultant 1977-1997. Died in 2002. The foreword in his biography was written by Henry Kissinger, a good friend of his.

Dr. Martin T. Orne One of the scariest people whom no one got along with. Among those who occasionally sexually abused Mullen. Apparently the only person in the group that managed to never get himself caught on video with underaged children.

Born in Austria. Professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon coming to Penn in 1964, Orne established and directed the Unit for Experimental Psychiatry. Editor of the International Journal of Clinical Experimental Hypnosis. Member of the scientific advisory board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and claims since at least 1984 that all MPD/DID is a misdiagnosed artifact. Has received funding and has consulted with virtually all military and civilian intelligence agencies. Died in 2000.

Col. Dr. George White Mullen called him the "Martini Man". In charge of filming the blackmail subjects when they were having sex with underaged children. Present with Gottlieb, Allen, "Uncle Otto" (a doctor from Kansas who taught her to sexually please men) in reviewing the blackmail operations.

Born in 1906, started out as an itinerant journalist, working for newspapers in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Became a narcotics agent in the early 1930s. During World War II he was in the OSS, the precursor of the CIA, where he acquired the rank of lieutenant colonel and made future contacts. Went back to his narcotics work, interrupting it in the early 1950s to become an investigator for the Senate committee headed by Sen. Estes Kefauver that looked into organized crime. Closely connected to the "suicide" of Frank Olson in 1953, a CIA and Army operative who 10 days earlier had been given a dose of LSD without his knowledge. CIA chemist Dr. Robert V. Lashbrook was in the room when Olson jumped out of the window and at the police station, there to identify the body, turned out to have George White's initials and the address of his safe house on a piece of paper in his pocket at the time. Continued with his narcotics work and retired from the bureau in 1965. Became the fire marshal at Stinson Beach, a resort area in Marin County, north of San Francisco. Private papers sent to the wrong place by his widow showed White was a CIA operative who ran "safe houses" in San Francisco and New York as part of MK-ULTRA in which drug-addicted prostitutes gave LSD and other drugs to unsuspecting visitors. The papers also showed White met with Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Dr. Robert V. Lashbrook (CIA chemist who worked with LSD), James Angleton, John Gittinger (CIA psychologist), C. P. Cabell, Stanley Lovell and Harry J. Anslinger (head of the Bureau of Narcotics). A friend of his, Leo Jones, owned a company that specialized in installing bugging equipment which White made use of to entrap drug dealers. In the possession of SM pictures. Died in 1975. (all information comes from: September 5, 1977, Washington Post, "The Diaries of a CIA Operative")

John Marks' book: ""George [White] was quite a guy," he says. "At the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans after we had interviewed our men, we were lying on the beds when George took out his pistol and shot his initials into the molding that ran along the ceiling. He used his.22 automatic, equipped with a silencer, and he emptied several clips.""

There are two obvious problems here. The first is the lack of other victim-witnesses corroborating the story and the names mentioned by Mullen. The other problem is that virtually all of these persons (not the blackmail victims), including many of their personal traits, have been described extensively in John Marks 1978 book 'The Search for the Manchurian Candidate'. A lot of the details Mullen has been describing almost are too perfect. This leaves us with two basic conclusions:

  1. What Mullen and Ebner have been saying fits so well because it is true. Over the years additional research, which was largely done by therapists and associates, filled in all the details. This is what Mullen has stated actually.
  2. Mullen and Ebner read books and newspaper articles about the mind control program, invented their own stories and mixed them in with everything that was already known.

If we assume that option two is the correct one, we are done with this article. For now, let's go with option one. There are several reasons why this author thinks the testimonies of Mullen and Ebner are important enough to discuss in relation to the Beyond Dutroux and Nebula articles. Here's why:

  1. Many details can be recognized that also came to light while researching Beyond Dutroux. Think of rabid anti-communism, intelligence, white supremacy groups, the use of pedophile groups, blackmail operations, anal intercourse during the first few years, and (the mimicking of) Satanic rituals.
  2. Mullen and Ebner testified in front of a public investigative committee, mentioned names of alleged perpetrators who were still alive, and appear to have made no money from making these allegations.
  3. All the names mentioned had already appeared in MKULTRA investigations or had been known in conspiracy literature. But two hadn't: Donald Richard Ebner and Darwin Fenner. The story of Ebner's father (and that her mother didn't know) sounds a little unlikely to the average person but is very recognizable in light of the Beyond Dutroux article; and Darwin Fenner was exactly the person Mullen said he was (he was even a racist).
  4. Ebner had seen far less than Mullen, but also mentioned Dr. Greene and the fact that this person was involved in al kinds of intelligence projects.
  5. Unlike more prominent "victim-witnesses" as Cathy O'Brien or Arizona Wilder, there's no talk about Reptilians, interdimensional travel, an Illuminati, or the New World Order - just very coherent covert politics history. Even the Satanic aspect is watered down, by explaining that a lot of this was faked.
  6. There's a bit of circumstantial evidence relating to child abuse in the Eisenhower administration that backs up the things stated by Mullen.

As for point six, let's take a look at the mindset of the people in the CIA and the Eisenhower administration. Gottlieb's patron at the CIA was Richard Helms. Helms worked under Frank Wisner in the CIA's Directorate of Plans, the black operations department. Allen Dulles was the CIA director throughout the 1950s. Eisenhower was president from 1952 to 1960. He represented big business, Saudi oil, and had no particular affection for the Israelis. He was a Pilgrims Society executive in the late 40s and early 50s.

The question here is, would these people be crazy enough to use children in sexual entrapment operations, even if it's only "to fight communism"? In this author's opinion, that's absolutely a possibility. Here's why:

  1. Gottlieb et al had the full support of the senior CIA leadership, which we now know was completely out of control. In their world-wide crusade against communism they broke every national and international law. They worked with the mafia to overthrow governments, assassinate foreign leaders, and import massive amounts of heroin and cocaine; they ran operations not only against communists, but also against socialists or anti-war protestors; they ran all kinds of immoral chemical and radiation experiments; they killed JFK after the Bay of Pigs fiasco; they killed RFK after he became a serious presidential candidate; and they supported all kinds of fascist regimes, death squads and underground Nazi groups.
  2. The Dulles brothers, both active in the Eisenhower administration, were very close to Dr. Ewen Cameron, notorious for his highly immoral experiments at McGill University.
  3. Claudia Mullen has stated that Helms, Gottlieb and associates used her in sexual entrapment operations since the late 1950s. Apparently John Foster Dulles, who was Eisenhower's Secretary of State during the 1950s, was also involved in this network.
  4. Robert Keith Gray was in the White House from 1955 to 1960 as Eisenhower's secretary. Independent sources have claimed that Gray and a number of his associates were involved in CIA (homosexual and child) blackmail operations since the 1950s. He is known to have been close to both Allen Dulles and William Casey. More circumstantial evidence suggests Gray was still involved in this kind of business during the 1980s, when he came out in support of the Catholic priest Bruce Ritter and AmeriCares.
  5. Kay Griggs, whose story is quite coherent, mentioned in interviews that she also knew a few things about Eisenhower. This was probably also related to some sort of sexual behaviour, but no details were given in this case.

I give you... "Dr. Green" aka Luther Wilson Greene

Both Mullen and Ebner claimed that sexual and other kinds of experiments had been done on them by a doctor named "L. Wilson Greene". That immediately sparked memories of the infamous "Dr. Green" from Dr. Corydon Hammond's 1992 "Greenbaum speech". This is what Mullen has said about the Dr. Greene she knew: {QB |"Next to Heath, I guess he had the most authority or whatever you wanted to call it. He was a German doctor. Liam was his first name, but he hated being called anything but Dr. Greene. He was head of Edgewood Arsenal, that's where his office was ... in Fort Detrick, Maryland but he came to Tulane quite a bit and worked with Dr. Heath on the projects.

"He told me, when I was about fourteen or fifteen, he told one of my shadows the story ... how he got involved. He said he was Jewish, and he was in a concentration camp when the war ended and the Nazis had killed his sister and put him in a concentration camp. He had met the Angel of Death there, and that was his hero and he used to love to watch him do experiments on twins and everything ... I didn't know who the Angel of Death was ... I didn't even know who that was. It turned out it was Mengele. Dr. Greene said that he was put in the camp when he was fifteen ... I don't know how long he stayed ... but when the war ended, the United States paid to bring him back to the U.S. and put him through medical school and now they paid him to do these experiments. ...

"At Tulane, he saw no reason to do that [use pseudonyms] I guess, and he would wear a white coat just like any other doctor, and he would wear a name tag, Dr. L. Wilson Greene. But he didn't like anyone calling him anything but "Doctor". He didn't even like being called Dr. Greene. I knew him from the years 1957 until about five years before he died in 1988. "

Ebner stated about Dr. Greene: {{QB |"Dr. Greene performed radiation as well as mind control and drug experiments on me between 1966 and 1976 and it was done out in the desert [outside Tucson; also at Tennessee University] and he worked really on mind control with me. ...

" He used disguise with me as well. I never saw him without a surgical mask, usually something on his head, and all I ever saw was a little bit of the black rimmed glasses and whatever."

Christine DeNicola Ebner, during committee hearing.

It appears that Dr. Greene told his concentration camp story to other victims as well, as Dr. Hammond and Sen. John Decamp relayed the same background information about their mysterious "Dr. Green". Pillars of the retarded conspiracy community, like Fritz Springmeier and David Icke, messed things up again by claiming "Dr. Green" was Josef Mengale. But in contrast to all these authors, Mullen provided enough information to really figure out who this "Dr. Greene" is.

Although he may have been called that way, Mullen was probably wrong about the first name of Dr. Greene, because a "Liam Wilson Greene" does not appear to have existed, certainly not one that had a senior position at the U.S. Army Chemical Center at Edgewood Arsenal. However... back in the 1950s and early 1960s, there actually was a L. Wilson Greene walking around here, only his first name was "Luther". (sounds very German)

June 9, 1952, High Point Enterprise (North Carolina), 'Honored at NCS'

Coincidentally, this was the same Luther Wilson Greene who wrote an influential report in 1949 entitled 'Psychochemical Warfare, a New Concept of War', which inspired a number of high ranking intelligence officials, including Allen Dulles. The book 'Secret Agenda' of Lynda Hunt has described in quite a bit of detail the kind of research that took place at Edgewood's Chemical Center. It took approximately a year to acquire the necessary documents from Edgewood and she had to endure a lot of bullying from the Army.

"In 1949 the direction of Edgewood's work abruptly changed. A consultant to the Chemical Division at EUCOM sent information about an amazing drug, LSD, that caused hallucinations and suicidal tendencies in humans. As a result, Edgewood's L. Wilson Greene seized the idea of conducting "psychochemical warfare." ...

"Ironically, Greene was trying to find a more humane way to wage war-one that would disable an enemy rather than kill him. But the CIA and military intelligence had a more sinister idea. They thought psychochemicals could be used as a cold war weapon to control the mind of an individual being interrogated. ...

"U.S. intelligence agents were tantalized by a number of unresolved questions: What chemical would force a man to reveal his secrets under interrogation? Could a drug cause total amnesia? Was there an antidote that would protect an American POW if the enemy used drugs on him? And the big question that preoccupied both Army intelligence and the CIA: could drugs or hypnosis, or a combination of both, serve as the ultimate mind-control weapon, sufficient to turn a man into a "Manchurian Candidate"? ... "The link between Edgewood and the CIA was close. Many scientists who worked at Edgewood or under Edgewood contracts were on the CIA's payroll. Paperclip chemist Friedrich Hoffmann was a CIA consultant on psychochemicals. Dr. Ray Treichler was simultaneously assistant to the director of Edgewood's Medical Laboratories, the division in charge of human experimentation at the base, and a member of the CIA's Technical Services Staff (TSS), which was involved in the covert use of chemicals and germs against specific people. Psychiatrist Harold Abramson was a CIA consultant involved in the Olson case who also worked for Edgewood."

Newspaper picture of Dr. Greene, probably from around World War II.

It's not hard to see where Dr. Greene got the inspiration when he apparently stated to research subjects/victims as Claudia Mullen that he had been a concentration camp inmate experimenting for the Nazis on his fellow prisoners. At Edgewood he was walking around with a good number of Paperclip scientists over the years who were hired to work on nerve gas and psychochemical agents. Among the persons who occasionally could be found here to do the same type of research was General Walter Schreiber, who in 1952 was flown out of the United States to Argentina after it became known that during World War II he had assigned doctors and had made funds available to experiment on concentration camp inmates. The U.S. and German scientists at Edgewood had acquired these research papers from the Nazi concentration camps and were using animals and soldiers at the base to test hundreds of chemical agents, including Mustard Gas, Sarin, Tabun and LSD. Quite a number of U.S. soldiers were hurt in these project. Some even committed suicide or later on had children with serious birth defects. Hunt:

"The legacy of Paperclip is said to be the moon rockets, jet planes, and other scientific achievements that were a product of postwar research in this country. This is true-as far as it goes. What the project's defenders fail to mention is that its legacy also includes the horrific psychochemical experiments conducted on American soldiers at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, the U.S. Army center for chemical warfare research. In this book you'll meet eight Paperclip scientists who worked at Edgewood between 1947 and 1966 developing nerve gas and psychochemicals such as LSD. But Edgewood's contribution to the Paperclip legacy could not have been made by the Germans alone. The disturbing truth is that American doctors were the ones who sifted through grim concentration camp reports and ultimately used Nazi science as a basis for Dachau-like experiments on over seven thousand U.S. soldiers. ...

"With Bluebird off and running, Edgewood began preparing for Armageddon amid the chill of the cold war not only by relying on Nazis here at home for their evil experiments but also by tapping the twisted minds of those still living in Germany. ... [The Army Chemical Corps hired] chemical warfare experts as "consultants" or funding German industries to produce chemical warfare materials for the United States. ... At one point HICOG's scientific director, Carl Nordstrom, had at least 150 Germans working for him as consultants. They offered advice or gave U.S. agencies information about their wartime research. At the same time, the Army Chemical Corps employed some thirty German chemical warfare experts to conduct secret nerve gas research"

Although the chances that he actually worked in a concentration camp during World War II are slim, Greene appears to have been intimately involved in the effort to bring as much German knowledge about chemicals to the United States. In 1946 he published a book or pamphlet entitled 'German Industry Series - Where to find information on the German chemical industry: A bibliography'. In 1950 he published another book or pamphlet with the name 'The German chemical industry: A bibliography of the chemical, metallurgical, and process industries'. Below you can find a full biography of Dr. Greene. There are a few gaps, of course.

Dr. L. Wilson Greene MULLEN: From Germany. Knew him from 1957 to 1983. Regularly visited Tulane. First name was "Liam", but only wanted to be called "Doctor". At Tulane he used his real name (his tag read "L. Wilson Greene"), but in other parts of the country he used other names, but always with the word Green in it. Had a lot of authority. Stated to Mullen he created the experiments for Gottlieb and Hamilton. Among those who occasionally sexually abused Mullen. EBNER: performed radiation as well as mind control and drug experiments on Ebner between 1966 and 1976. Very cold and sadistic. Always wore a surgical mask to hide his face while working on Ebner. Mainly worked on Ebner in the desert near Tucson, Arizona. Was brought to Greene by her father, an Army officer. Went into criminal sex rings to continue his experiments.

Lived in Norfolk before coming to North Carolina for his study. BA in Chemistry from North Carolina State University in 1922. Member Berzelius Chemical Society. Worked for the Dupont Corporation in Philadelphia as a foreman in the 1920s. Apparently worked for the government since 1929. Chief engineer on the design, construction, and operation of the Army's arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama in 1941 (in 1943 it became part of the Redstone Arsenal). This arsenal fell under the Chemical Warfare Service. Appointed chief of operations of the Huntsville Arsenal in 1942. Acquired the rank of Colonel at this point, although he does not appear to have had an Army career. Published works on the German chemical industry in 1946 and 1950. Honorary Doctor of Engineering in 1952 from North Carolina State University. Scientific Director of the Chemical Corps Technical Command, Amy Chemical Center, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland in the late 1940s and the 1950s. Wrote the influential report entitled 'Psychochemical Warfare, a New Concept of War' in 1949 which inspired a number of high ranking Army and intelligence officials. Chief technical adviser at the U.S. Army Chemical Research and Development Laboratories at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland in the 1950s. Retired from government service in 1961. Apparently died in 1988.

To be honest, the publicly-available evidence against Dr. Green is a little meager, although the circumstances certainly seem to fit. At this point there are only two public accusations against him, those from Claudia S. Mullen and Christine DeNicola Ebner. Apparently there are many, many other victims. Maybe it's time these victims are interviewed also. And hope we don't get to see any other Cathy O'Brien's.


This article is really yet another follow up of ISGP's 'Beyond Dutroux' article from 2007, and more specifically of its part 14 'The US connection continued'. In this article we have presented some evidence that the entrapment tactics used by a small ultra-right clique in Belgium since at least the 1970s were a direct copy of the tactics developed by the CIA under Sidney Gottlieb and Richard Helms in the late 1950s.

It would be nice to know if apparent key persons on the Belgian side of these operations, especially Baron de Bonvoisin, were in contact with senior CIA officials that have been implicated by Mullen or Ebner. Helms was CIA director from 1966 to 1973, the same period that in Belgium Cercle des Nations, the underground fascist militias and the Belgian branch of the WACL were put together. It is known that de Bonvoisin was in contact with "US intelligence" and that some around him have been tied to the CIA, DIA, DEA and Wackenhut. But did he personally meet with Helms, for example? Good question. It's not mentioned in Helms's biography, that's for sure.

It appears that over the decades these entrapment operations have gotten a little out of hand. The KGB/FSB probably doesn't mind doing it and there's some evidence that the Israelis have also joined the party (see Beyond Dutroux and Nebula articles).

This brings up an interesting thesis: what if all these conspiracies have actually become possible because of the sexual entrapment operations? Like apparently happened in Belgium... This is not the whole puzzle, of course, but it might be a considerable piece.

Update, 29 December 2009

Someone on the Rigorous Intuition forum (the only forum where very occasionally something useful is said, be it by very few people) had also already suspected that Dr. Green was in fact Dr. Luther Wilson Greene. After this article had been published, this person ran the name through the Social Security Death Index (don't know about some of these databases, since I'm not from the U.S.). Only one likely candidate came out:

Name: Luther Greene
Birth: November 3, 1900
Death: January 1973
Last residence: 21014 (Bel Air, Harford, MD)
Last Benefit: (None specified)
SSN: 217-26-9229
Issued: Maryland

Luther Wilson Greene graduated in 1922 from North Carolina State University, so if he did everything correctly he was born in 1900, give or take one year. Bel Air, Maryland, is just 10 miles north-west of Edgewood, with Washington, D.C. 70 miles to the south. In other words, the ideal living place for the Dr. Greene described in this article.

If, however, this is indeed the Dr. Greene Mullen and Ebner have been talking about (and it certainly does seem that way), there's a very big discrepancy in the testimonies. Ebner has stated she had been experimented on by Dr. Green until 1976, with Mullen claiming it lasted with her until 1988. However, Social Security records clearly state that Luther Green had already died in 1971.

So it seems the mystery continues. Maybe everything in this article happened, except what has been described by Mullen and Ebner. Or maybe there's another explanation. Maybe we will find out one day. Maybe not.


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