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Place.png Zurich



Le Cercle/1980 (Zurich)One of their shorter meetings, the minutes of which were in the Langemann Papers.


Groups Headquartered Here

'A Brighter Dawn'1990fictional bioterror group used in the 2018 Clade X pandemic exercise at Johns Hopkins
AGT International2007A data analysis company founded by Israeli-born billionaire spook/businessman Mati Kochavi, including work on RFID and IOT
Credit Suisse1856Big bank and asset manager
ETH Zurich1855ETH Zurich is among other things sponsored by Big Ag Syngenta
FIFAThe organising body of the largest world sport since the 1990s. It has attracted exorbitant amounts of corruption.
Switzerland/National Bank
UBS1998Swiss bank many employees of which reportedly suffered a premature death.
University of Zurich1833University located in the city of Zürich, Switzerland
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