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New server heads-up

Current server is struggling on RAM. Current term expires end of Jan.

I have commissioned a new one. Cloud-based VM it has 2Gb RAM and a 100Mb/s pipe (3 times and 10 times current spec respectively. I have successfully transferred all progs and data and am configuring and testing using just its IP address for now. Inevitable irritating glitches remaining - mainly php and apache config issues. It is proving a good test of re-constituting the site from the backups. I expect to be ready to go with it inside a week. I'll give 24 hours notice of the change because I will need to refresh from latest backups to avoid losing anything and will therefore have to disable any editing for at least an hour - probably have to take the site right off line in fact. Watch out for the main page banner + content on this main page. I'll be as precise as possible about timing --Peter P (talk) 21:38, 10 January 2014 (GMT)