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When an RSS or Atom feed is available for a WikiSpooks page, the Feed.png feed icon appears as the first item on the 'Toolbox' section of the left hand menu. This links to the feed for the displayed page and can be used to deliver notifications of page changes to any RSS or Atom feed reader (for example Google Reader or Bloglines).

Currently available RSS Feeds

Feed.png Recent changes - Lists ALL recent changes. This is the feed for the page which is accessible from the Left hand 'Recent changes' menu

Feed.png New Pages - Lists new pages

Feed.png Watchlist - Lists changed pages on 'My Watchlist'.

Export to RDF

SMW allows individual pages to be exported as RDF. This is not the whole page contents, but all the semantic data which is used to create the page. This is available from Special:ExportRDF


WikiSpooks is expanding it use of semantic data. If you have particular requests or suggestions of additional page feeds, they are welcome on the discussion page.

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