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Donations to Wikispooks

  • Wikispooks is a volunteer maintained, crowd-sourced undertaking. It does not accept commercial advertising or formal sponsorship of any kind.
  • Its purpose is clearly set out in the project documentation and does not endear it to the Establishment.
  • Running costs are modest but possibly higher than comparably sized private web publishing undertakings because of its security, mirroring and back-up infrastructure.
  • If you consider this site a worthy undertaking, pleanse donate towards its running costs.


Become a patron.png :

Paypal/Credit cards

- Most of the major Credit/Debit cards or any existing PayPal account



If you have a protocol-aware Bitcoin client such as Multibit or Electrum, clicking on either the button or address will open the client, enter an amount of 0.01 BTC and the label Wikispooks donation. Adjust the amount before sending as you see fit.

link=bitcoin:1733R4YTmmjec9xoveWJn2uiyYoZWSr2DE?amount=0.01&label=Wikispooks donation - 1733R4YTmmjec9xoveWJn2uiyYoZWSr2DE

Otherwise copy/paste the address to your BTC client or use the QR code image on the right (click image to enlarge)

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