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Wikispooks has considerable affinity with the founding ideals of Wikileaks and there is extensive information on Wikileaks available at, and linked from, the following links. Wikispooks also hosts a Wikileaks 'Cablegate' mirror and a torrent archive of all earlier wikileaks material available through the 'Wikileaks resources' menu on the left.

Related Wikispooks Pages

Wikileaks Wikileaks - - Wikispooks main Wikileaks page
File:Wikithreat.pdf File:Wikithreat.pdf - - "US Intelligence planned to destroy Wikileaks" - A US "Army Counterintelligence Centre" Document released by WikiLeaks on 15 March 2010.
Document:Wikileaks and the Mighty Wurlitzer Document:Wikileaks and the Mighty Wurlitzer - - a Wikileaks-sceptic article by Zahir Ebrahim focussing on CIA dirty tricks and the inevitable infiltration/co-option of dissent intitiatives

External Links

  • Google search of Cryptome - Search of the Cryptome web site for 'wikileaks'. Lots of deep useful stuff since Cryptome's operator, John Young, was the original registrant of the 'Wikileaks' domain name