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Gaza War Gaza War
WpIcon32.png Gaza War

Gaps  The Wikispooks article concentrates on details omitted from the corresponding Wikipedia page.

1) Missing from the Wikipedia article is the startling and well-referenced story of how Israel deliberately allowed tons of explosives to be stolen by Gaza militants. Hamas and international observers are reported to have been very keen that this not happen, but they had no way of safely disposing of the explosives.

2) Missing from the Wikipedia article is the refusal of the BBC to broadcast a humanitarian appeal, and the controversy that followed.

3) The Wikipedia follows the Zionist narrative by which 6 months without rockets is a "lull" and not a real cease-fire. Even though Hamas had cut rocket fire by 99.5%, it was not delivering "peace" and Israel still needed to retaliate.

Wikispooks takes the view that international reports (there were 3 from the UN and one each from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty) are likely to be the most important sources for the factual content of an honest, balanced article. Observer sources such as newspaper reports are the second most valuable source. Reports direct from the participants are likely to be less reliable. Sources known to be ideologically linked to one side or the other should be used only with care. This is almost the reverse of the Wikipedia pattern operated in the Israel/Palestine topic.

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