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My major interests are personal and social structure and transformation beyond routine possibilities.

I was at Cal Tech, attending the Feynman Lectures, 1961-63. Most of them, anyway! I worked in many other areas, and have come back to science of late. I wrote my first submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal early in 2015, and it was accepted.

I accepted Islam in about 1971, read the Qur'an in Arabic, and was a Muslim chaplain at San Quentin State Prison for a time.

In 2009, I saw an abusive administrative action on Wikipedia, relating to cold fusion,and I confronted it, and was confirmed by the Arbitration Committee. It still took about two years to get the action reversed.I was warned that if I pursued that dispute, I'd be banned. It took a little while, but I was banned.

When I saw the problem with cold fusion, I investigated the topic. I had been skeptical, like everyone else, believing that it had been shown to be bogus in 1989. However, I bought all the books, mostly skeptical ones, and I was amazed at what I found. This was what sociologists of science call an "information cascade," a "scientific consensus" that was never "scientific," just a social phenomenon.

Being banned on Wikipedia, I turned to much more productive areas of action. I report on news of interest around cold fusion, on my blog,, and am facilitating research.

I have been recently and intensively trained in Landmark Worldwide programs (2011 to the beginning of 2014, currently not involved in anything formal) and I often write about it or use Landmark distinctions.

I also write from my life experience. I've been married, legally, three times, and by declaration an additional four times. I have five biological children and two adopted, and I have six grandchildren. While I'm divorced, I love my life -- and I am grateful to the women who were and are part of it.