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Employment.png US/National Security Advisor 

StartMarch 23, 1953
DeputyDeputy National Security Advisor
A personal appointee of the US president to advise on matters of "national security".Boss of the US/Deputy National Security Advisor.

The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, commonly referred to as the National Security Advisor (abbreviated NSA, or sometimes APNSA or ANSA to avoid confusion with the National Security Agency), is a senior official in the Executive Office of the President who serves as the chief advisor, stationed in the White House, to the President of the United States on "national security" issues. The APNSA participates in the meetings of the National Security Council.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Charles Kupperman10 September 201918 September 2019
John Bolton9 April 201810 September 2019
H. R. McMaster23 February 20178 April 2018
Susan Rice1 July 201320 January 2017
Tom Donilon8 October 201030 June 2013Bilderberg Steering committee member
James L. Jones20 January 20098 October 2010
Stephen Hadley26 January 200520 January 2009Promoted after saving Rice during the bogus "Niger Uranium" scam.
Anthony Lake20 January 199314 March 1997
Colin Powell23 November 198720 January 1989
Frank Carlucci2 December 198623 November 1987William Howard Taft IVCollege roommate of Donald Rumsfeld
Zbigniew Brzezinski20 January 197721 January 1981Member of Le Cercle.
Henry Kissinger20 January 19693 November 1975Bilderberg Steering committee, Knights of Malta, Le Cercle...
Gordon Gray24 June 195813 January 1961
Robert Cutler7 January 195724 June 1958
William H. Jackson1 September 19567 January 1957
Dillon Anderson2 April 19551 September 1956
Robert Cutler23 March 19532 April 1955
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