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Event.png Twitter Files (Leak,  Limited Hangout) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
DateDecember 2, 2022 - Present
PerpetratorsMatt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, Lee Fang, Michael Shellenberger, David Zweig
Interests • twitter
• internet censorship
• big tech
• Hunter Bidens laptop
DescriptionElon Musk buying Twitter resulted in the exposure of internal Twitter Inc documents

The Twitter Files emerged in December 2022 exposing collusion between Twitter and the federal government.[1] The FBI paid Twitter to suppress the Hunter Bidens laptop story.[2]


5star.png 10 September 2023 Jun  "China has only state TV! Russia only has state-aligned TV". Well, this page shows the new media in and from the US sure has all the hallmarks of government control.
Another example of how Operation Mockingbird has allowed 3-letter-agencies to take control of all the biggest media. Even more interesting is nobody questioned why Elon Musk (formerly-broke-and-then-saved-by-the-CIA-Elon Musk) of all leaked this. One would began to wonder if other media are also controlled in this way.
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