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(Franklin child prostitution ring/Premature death)
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Cause of death
drug overdose
Victim of • Premature death
• Franklin child prostitution ring
A child victim of the Franklin child prostitution ring who testified to Gary Caridori. Found dead of a drugs overdose.

Troy Boner was a victim of the Franklin child prostitution ring who testified to Gary Caradori, which he later recanted. On learning that Caridori had been killed when his small plane broke up in flight, Boner recanted his recantation with a 15 page affidavit.[1] He was later found dead of a drug overdose.

Gary Caradori interviews Troy Boner


Boner gave his first videotaped interview to Gary Caradori and Karen Ormiston on November 25, 1989 at a Residence Inn in Lincoln, Nebraska. Caradori had gleaned Troy’s name from Alisha Owen approximately three weeks earlier.[2]


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After his brother was found dead, Troy Boner recanted his testimony. A 1990 summary of a phone conversation reveals that his mother reported that he felt threatened.[3]

1993 Affidavit

Troy Boner's why I lied after FBI contact.png

After his interviewer, Gary Caridori, died in a plane crash, Boner recanted his original recantation, producing a 15-page sworn affidavit on 27 October 1993 that explains why he lied after his FBI meeting.[1][4]


Troy Boner died of a drug overdose[4] in 2003, reportedly in a hospital after expressing his concern that he was being pursued.[5]

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