Tom Slick

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(explorer, spook?)
Tom Slick.jpg
Born May 6, 1916
Died October 6, 1962 (Age 46)
Montana, USA
Cause of death
plane crash
A spooky millionaire businessman

Tom Slick Jr. was "a Dresser Industries board member and good friend of Prescott Bush."[1]


His father, Tom Slick Sr. was a Texas oil man.


Tom Slick undertook Nepalese missions in search of the Yeti.

Russ Baker observes that "the true power wielded by the duo of Prescott Bush and Neil Mallon is revealed in a round of correspondence where the two virtually demanded a high-level Washington job for a friend:the oilman and adevnturer Tom Slick... Loren Coleman an anthropologist and retired professor who wrote two books on Slick, asserts that the explorer was actually a longtime CIA operative who used his adventure travel as cover for his spy work." [2]


In 1958 Slick wrote Permanent Peace, a book outlining his vision of a steady reduction of nationalist armed forces, to be replaced with a global peacekeeping force.


On October 6, 1962, Slick was returning from a Canadian hunting trip when his airplane crashed in Montana. Reportedly, the aircraft disintegrated in flight.[3]


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