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-->{{DisplayRatings}}<!-- Temporary extra push for patrons 2020-07-23 ...
-->{{DisplayRatings}}<!-- Temporary extra push for patrons 2020-07-23 ...
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<noinclude><!-- Now fixed?
<noinclude><!-- Now fixed?

Latest revision as of 16:40, 27 September 2020

This template is the most important semantic template on the site; unless you're interested in editing templates, it's the only one you need to know about.
To use it, just include the text {{SMWDocs}} on a single line on its own, just before the "References" section. It generates a bunch of extra sections from the other pages' SMW data, by a bunch of calls to Template:SMWDocSection.

This template's structure is very simple, it first includes:

Then the following templates from category:Semantic Templates:

It makes use of {{PAGENAME}} to search for the relevant SMW data. It currently takes no parameters.