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[[Category:Roman Catholic Church]]
[[Category:Roman Catholic Church]]

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Template to provide the information required to explain and navigate a group of files comprising what appears to be the new (2010) complete authorised English translation of the Roman Catholic Missal.

This file is one of a group of 25 uploaded anonymously. Files in the group vary between 1 and 4Mb each in size.

The group appears to comprise the authorised new (2010) English translation of the Roman Catholic Missal. It relates to an earlier anonymous upload (File:Areas of Difficulty.pdf) concerning apparent controversy about the revised translation, leading up to it's becoming authorised.

Files 1 and 2 are duplicates and appear to include the start of the group such that part 2 is probably missing. Files 7 and 71 are also duplicates which means that part of the middle portion of the entire document MAY be missing.

WikiSpooks has not undertaken a thorough vetting of the entire file contents and is open to suggestions/observations about the collection regarding their authenticity and completeness.

The Files