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The WEF's Young Global Leaders and Global Leaders for Tomorrow had their 2023 WEF Annual Meeting. Did you know that over 150 Bilderbergers were busy with COVID-19 and even more members of the YGL and GLT were busy with COVID?
Jeffrey Epstein's right hand Ghislaine Maxwell got 20 years without bringing anyone down with her. The people that "Flew the Lolita Express" or are in Jeffrey Epstein's Black book are still listed and actively investigated on Wikispooks: see it before the site gets taken down again.

Remember the last time an FBI acknowledged secret shadow government was shut down by Donald Trump? Meet the 7th Floor Group.

While we're awaiting the possible arrest and conviction of former US President Trump, let's remember the last time he was monitored by a secret group of what the FBI secretly named the US "Shadow Government", Wikipedia deleted the page, even though ABC, CNBC and FOX News reported on it. Wikipedia still said "the story was from secondary unreliable sources". The original source was the... FBI. The group was alleged to have included secret officials all the way to then US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton planning all sorts of cover ups which included protecting paedophiles.
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You Will Never Retire, Here's Why... - How Money Works

As Europe is focusing on pensions... again... let's not forget; the average person under 40 will never retire.
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Operation Gladio: Operatiën en Inlichtingen.

The only subtitled TV documentary throughout Europe about Gladio from a non-English speaking source. Note: Belgian Gladio member Jean Marie Creton mentioned here was the supplier of the weapons in the 2004 Madrid train bombings. The host was shot dead in 2021 by a European drug cartel.
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