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This template generates a list of icons, usually placed at the top of an infobox. The icons are created by Template:External icons/Xicon.
The Wikipedia icon changes to show protection or not, and is called directly. This creates a list of the other icons in the infobox.
Many pages will have no icons at all.

Blue parameters are for a single Wikispooks page name (If no suitable page exists, then pick a title for a future page)
Brown parameters are for numbers
Green parameters are for comma-separated lists of page names (Or planned page names).
Navy parameters are for dates
Orange parameters are for booleans. (Usually, either "Yes" or just leave blank).
Purple parameters are URLs.
Violet parameters are slash-separated lists.
Pink parameters are for coordinates.
Crossed out parameters were formerly available, but have been upgraded. Some may still work, but do not use these.

{{External icons
|alchetron = URL of the alchetron page Property:Has alchetron
|amazon = URL of the amazon page (Property:Has amazon)
|ancestry = URL of the ancestry page (Property:Has ancestry)
|bbcwatch = URL of the bbcwatch page (Property:Has bbcwatch)
|bitchute = URL of the bitchute page (Property:Has bitchute)
|checkcompany = URL of the checkcompany page (Property:Has checkcompany)
|companieshouse = URL of the companieshouse page (Property:Has companieshouse)
|companiesintheuk = URL of the companiesintheuk page (Property:Has companiesintheuk)
|companycheck = URL of the companycheck page (Property:Has companycheck)
|companydirectorcheck = URL of the companydirectorcheck page (Property:Has companydirectorcheck)
|crunchbase = URL of the Crunchbase page (Property:Has crunchbase)
|cspan = URL of the C-Span page (Property:Has cspan)
|dbpedia = URL of the dbpedia page (Property:Has dbpedia)
|endole = URL of the endole page (Property:Has endole)
|everipedia = URL of the everipedia page (Property:Has everipedia)
|facebook = URL of the facebook page (Property:Has facebook)
|famechain = URL of the famechain page (Property:Has famechain)
|geni = URL of the geni page (Property:Has geni)
|historycommons = URL of the History commons page (Property:Has historycommons)
|imdb = URL of the IMDB page (Property:Has imdb)
|infogalactic = URL of the infogalactic page (Property:Has infogalactic)
|instagram = URL of the instagram page (Property:Has instagram)
|isgp = URL of the ISGP page (Property:Has isgp)
|linkedin = URL of the linkedin page (Property:Has linkedin)
|keywiki = URL of the keywiki page (Property:Has keywiki)
|kompany = URL of the kompany page (Property:Has kompany)
|mashpedia = URL of the mashpedia page (Property:Has mashpedia)
|medium = URL of the medium page (Property:Has medium)
|mixcloud = URL of the mixcloud page (Property:Has mixcloud)
|muckrack = URL of the muckrack page (Property:Has muckrack)
|muckrock = URL of the muckrock page (Property:Has muckrock)
|modernhistoryproject = URL of the modernhistoryproject page (Property:Has modernhistoryproject)
|namebase = URL of the namebase page (Property:Has namebase)
|nndb = URL of the NNDB page (Property:Has nndb)
|opencorporates = URL of the opencorporates page (Property:Has opencorporates)
|patreon = URL of the patreon page (Property:Has patreon)
|powerbase = URL of the powerbase page (Property:Has powerbase)
|prabook = URL of the prabook page (Property:Has prabook)
|repository = URL of the repository page - i.e. Github (Property:Has repository)
|soundcloud = URL of the soundcloud page (Property:Has soundcloud)
|sourcewatch = URL of the sourcewatch page (Property:Has sourcewatch)
|spartacus = URL of the spartacus page (Property:Has spartacus)
|spreaker = URL of the spreaker page (Property:Has spreaker)
|steemit = URL of the steemit page (Property:Has steemit)
|thefullwiki = URL of the thefullwiki page (Property:Has thefullwiki)
|theyworkforyou = URL of the theyworkforyou page (Property:Has theyworkforyou)
|twitter = URL of the twitter page (Property:Has twitter)
|unwelcomeguests = URL of the Unwelcome Guests page (Property:Has unwelcomeguests)
|vimeo = URL of the vimeo page (Property:Has vimeo)
|website = URL of the website (Property:Has website)
|wikidata = URL of the person's wikidata page (Property:Has wikidata)
|wikileaks = URL of the wikileaks page (Property:Has wikileaks)
|wikiquote = URL of the wikiquote page (Property:Has wikiquote)
|youtube = URL of the youtube page (Property:Has youtube)
|zoominfo = URL of the zoominfo page (Property:Has zoominfo)
|WS_username = Pagename of the WS userpage (Property:Has WSuserpage)