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m (Text replacement - "     Page name     " to "Page name")
(Better default for when keyProperties is not set)
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|mainlabel = Page name
|mainlabel = Page name
|sort={{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keySort}}
|sort={{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keySort}}
|properties={{#if: {{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keyProperties}}|{{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keyProperties}}|Has documentType/Has publicationDate/Has author/Is about/Description}}
|properties={{#if: {{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keyProperties}}|{{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keyProperties}}|Description}}
|headers={{#if: {{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keyProperties}}|{{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keyPropertyHeaders}}|Type/Date/Author(s)/Subject(s)/Description}}}}}}</includeonly>
|headers={{#if: {{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keyProperties}}|{{#show: {{PAGENAME}} | ?Has keyPropertyHeaders}}|Description}}}}}}</includeonly>

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Bug1.jpg This template has problems: This is not displaying any results for Journalist. It should do. Use the discussion page to see the debate about this.

This template can be used on any pages which might have examples. It has no parameters.

If there are examples, it places a heading:

Example(s) on Wikispooks

Plus a table of examples under this heading