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Stub status

Several points about this article;

1. His name is officially spelled like that systematically in the media, I know it's not standard, but even his Emmy award was handed out to this spell. Please leave it like this. 2. I have the images where he falls to the ground and goes unconscious a few seconds after being shot in the had 4/5 times. I'm not gonna add it for now. As I don't recall us having a spoiler option. The still picture from further away I do consider adding. 3. Now that we do need to add him as IMHO the sole person on corporate media reporting on Gladio has a good chance of dying, I'll need to import a signifiant amount of lines from ISGP ( In case Joel contact us about that (as never happens nowadays), please direct him to me. --Jun (talk) 00:52, 7 July 2021 (UTC)