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Along with steering particular anti-immigration right wing politics into Dutch politics long before it came mainstream, there are a few POI in this party that mostly aren't looked upon besides just their affiliation with the party. Gidi Markuszower is one; runs a worldwide IT company with a special interest in taxes, has a quite different level of income than most MPs or even other party members. Was pulled from the candidate list in 2010 (when the PVV backed the first Rutte-cabinet) when former Bilderberger(?) and then Attorney General Ernst Hirsch Ballin informed the Senate when the AIVD revealed he was influenced by a foreign security service, likely the Mossad and gave contacts or info to this agency, along with getting arrested for the possession of a weapon, calling for Jews that didn't back the Gaza-wars to be banned from the religion and getting banned from the Dutch-Israeli Head-Synagogue for continuous intimidation, threats and profane language. Would like to add a page with several Persons of Interest. Would be handy to take some of the Wilders page. Jun.

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