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Broom.png This Wikispooks entry is very funny...but definitely lacks sources☺.

KFC, or "Kentucky Fried Chicken" was a United State Military Psychological Warfare Operation against the Soviet Union. Properly, it means Komsomolskaya Front Cheka and is properly written КФЧ. The United States Navy had developed a high-volume industrial pressure fryer for its aircraft carriers, and it spun off the technology in the 1960's under the cover of a "psyop."[citation needed]

KFC's franchise features communist leader Leon Trotsky as a prominent image of "Colonel Sanders" who started a "Chicken" restaurant. This is a homophone on the word "Cheka," the first Soviet Secret Police. In other words, Trosky's chicken is the young communist front in the West. It uses the Red and White colours of Stanford University, location of the Hoover Institution. It was President Hoover who famously advertised "A Chicken in Every Pot" in 1928.

The Legend is that Trotsky (who had once lived in New York) survived survived Stalin's assassination attempt in Mexico City and was relocated by the Office of Strategic Services to Kentucky in the United States. There, he embraced capitalism and through hard work and entrepreneurship became a prominent and beloved American businessman - something that could never happen in the Communist Soviet Union.


Because Western and Soviet currency did not exchange during the Cold War, the United States and the Soviets would conduct business by exchanging Pepsi concentrate for Stolichnaya Vodka through Pepsico and Yum Brands, owner of the KFC franchise. Accordingly, The Soviets designed a Red, White, and Gold label for the Vodka, featuring Hotel Moskva - which was used to hold political prisoners much like the Lubyanka. After the fall of the Soviet Union, this arrangement resulted in PepsiCo owning a fleet of Soviet Submarines.[citation needed]