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Grayston's activities during the 1970's has been widely overlooked. His involvement with BNDD/BUNCIN from 1971 to ???? has had little fanfare. There was a deliberate attempt to keep his activities during these years totally quiet.

His Bay of Pigs (BoP) involvement was widely talked about and fills volumes every time his name is brought up. But his roles in the late 1960's and especially the 1970's has had little coverage even though he was involved in some of the most clandestine activities as CIA shifted clandestine operations out of CIA to "other" entities. There should be a thorough look into his activities as they leave a trail going from Bay of Pigs, Dallas, clandestine operations into Cuba/South America through to the turbulent years of Watergate and the movement of CIA SOG operations to BNDD/BUNCIN when CIA came close to being dissolved in the early 1970's.


My thought is to concentrate on Grayston from after the BoP to late 1970's here at Wikispooks. Grayston's adventures with BoP fills many books and is well documented. Let us concentrate on what was not talked about.

I have "zero" doubt John (Jack) Adrian O'Hare was closely aligned with Grayston and Rip Robertson. But I do believe he worked closer to Grayston as Rip was busy in the Congo from at least 1964 & 1965.

Grayston also had a well documented hatred for JFK and felt he was personally responsible for the BoP failures. Some suggest a link between CIA, Grayston and Dallas as a result. Considering the amount of well documented contempt for JFK by Grayston there very well may be something to it. Every documented conversation with Grayston about JFK turned into personal resentment and deep seated anger for JFK. The men Grayston help train and led on the beaches for those three days died, were wounded and captured because of JFK's reluctance to follow through with the BoP operation. Grayston took that personally as he was close to a number of those captured, wounded and killed.

1962 to 1967

Working for CIA Grayston organized and continually directed clandestine assaults on Cuba from Miami and Key West until 1967. Grayston oversaw 2,126 missions while participating directly in 113 into Cuba.

1967 to 1971

Still with CIA, Grayston was running operations into Latin America.

1971 to 1973

Grayston Joined Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD).

1973 to 1978

Grayston Joined Lucien Conien in Bureau of Narcotics Counter-Intelligence Network (BUNCIN).