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Place.png Sydney


On 11 October 2021, COVID restrictions were lowered bringing an end to a 107-day lockdown.[1]


Groups Headquartered Here

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Club (Sydney)1838The oldest establishment club in Australia
Center for Independent Studies1976Australian libertarian think tank founded in 1976 which specialises in public policy research
Global Panel Foundation1989NGO with members who are mostly people with deep ties to the intelligence community, working behind the scenes promoting international cooperation with regard to decision-making and implementation processes.
Lowy Institute2003Australian military-industrial think tank
Macquarie University1964Public research university in Sydney, Australia
O'Connell Street AssociatesA group of 20 prominent non-executive directors who share premises on the sixth level of Number 2 O'Connell Street in the heart of Sydney's CBD
Reserve Bank of Australia
Sydney Grammar1854Sydney establishment school with influential old boys network.
The Sydney Institute1989Australian business-friendly talking forum
University of New South Wales1 July 1949Sydney technological university with military ties
University of Sydney1850Fired professor Tim Anderson when he went against official war narrative
Westfield Corporation
Zinc Network2012A "a privately owned communications agency that supports communities, brands and governments drive positive social change". Partnered with the Institute for Statecraft to propose a network of 56 NGOs in a bid for £9.75M funding from the UK/FCO.
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