Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defence

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Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defence.jpg
Date25 March 2019 13:00 - 25 March 2019 17:00
LocationClingendael Institute,  The Hague,  Netherlands
PlannersInstitute for Statecraft, Clingendael Institute, Dick Zandee, Danny Pronk, Tony van der Togt
ParticipantsNeil Barnett, Chris Donnelly, Margriet Drent, Maria de Goeij, Birgit Heijl, Katarina Kerysova, Rem Korteweg, Johanna Möhring, Gwenda Nielen, Danny Pronk, Samira Rafaela, Alan Riley, Domitille Rochatte, Adája Stoetman, Tony van der Togt, Martin Vermaase, Jan Marinus Wiersma, Dick Zandee
DescriptionChatham House rule meeting with organised by the Institute for Statecraft and the Clingendael Institute.

Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defence was a meeting in late March 2019 organised by the Institute for Statecraft and the Clingendael Institute, focused on two dimensions of European defence.[1]


The meeting website suggests a roundtable. It published a simple agenda.[1]

'Softer' side of European defence

How to respond to disinformation campaigns & cyberthreats?[1]

'Hard' security threats

How should European defence initiatives should respond to 'hard' threats?[1]


Closing drinks from 17-18 hrs.


A hardwritten namecard for Maria de Goeij

The website notes that the Chatham House rule would be observed. The Clingendael Institute website published a photostream but did not publish an attendance list.[1]


Known Participants

5 of the 18 of the participants already have pages here:

Neil Barnett
Chris DonnellyA UK Deep politician who set up the Institute for Statecraft (amongst other groups).
Maria de GoeijIntegrity Initiative/Institute for Statecraft polyglot
Johanna MöhringA senior fellow of the Institute for Statecraft
Alan RileyUK solicitor/academic who worked for the Institute for Statecraft
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