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Started: 1998
Founder: David Bodnick

Owner: Surfboard Holdings B.V.
Constitutes: search engine

Ixquick (or StartPage) is a search engine. Linux Mint, which has a business relationship with the company, terms it "a safe and secure engine providing augmented Google results."[1]

Subject-specific Blocking

As of January 2018, the site only offered 81 hits for the search term "Dutroux affair". None of these was the ISGP site, which was in the top 10 for Yahoo[2], Bing[3], DuckDuckGo[4], Yandex[5] and Gigablast[6]. The page however is indexed, since a search on "dutroux affair isgp" yield it as the #2 hit. Ixquick seems therefore to have blocked the page for this search term (as did Google and, who did not list it in the top 100 hits).