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  • File:MH17Analysis.pdf  + (Persuasive MH17 crash analysis demonstrating that, IF the aircraft was brought down by a 'Buk' SAM, then the missile could NOT have been fired from territory controlled by the DPR militia)
  • File:BBC on the Israel-Palestine conflict.pdf  + (Peter Allen's University of Leicester MA d
    Peter Allen's University of Leicester MA dissertation, analysing the bias of the BBC Newsnight program in its reporting of the Israel/Palesine conflict. Although confined to the Newsnight series, it is a telling commentary on the subliminal official narrative nature of BBC News output and that of the Western Corporate media in general.
    of the Western Corporate media in general.)
  • Peter Dale Scott  + (Peter Dale Scott is the early 21<sup>st</sup> century Doyen of Deep Political Theory.)
  • Abu Agila Mas'ud  + (Pictured in 2015 at his trial in Tripoli sitting behind [[Abdullah al-Senussi]])
  • Document:Did Canadian taxpayers foot Islamic State’s recruitment bill  + (Pieces in the secret service puzzle, such
    Pieces in the secret service puzzle, such as how the girls were persuaded to get on the flight to [[Istanbul]] and how [[Canadian Security Intelligence Service|Canadian intelligence]] knew where and when they would be arriving remain unanswered. And this systematic failure of [[London]]’s media to report the key facts in this story begs the question: why have we not been told the full story?
    why have we not been told the full story?)
  • The Intercept  + (Pierre Omidyar's website that has published a selection of documents from [[Edward Snowden]].)
  • George Gallup  + (Pioneer in the field of polling)
  • US/Department of Homeland Security  + (Planned by the same group who planned the 9/11 attacks, and carried out in their wake, the DoHS is a large department which replaced the existing domestic security, disaster planning and management functions of the US government.)
  • Deep politician  + (Planners of deep events, who establish deep state milieux and direct deep state operations.)
  • Plastic word  + (Plastic words, with minimal substantive meaning and which avoid clear definition, are useful as tools of misdirection.)
  • Plausible deniability  + (Plausible deniability, the ability to (fairly) plausibly deny having done or attempted to do something, is a key part of [[deep statecraft]], needed to stay in the shadows)
  • Randy Cunningham  + (Pleaded guilty to multi-million dollar tax evasion, conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud)
  • File:The Nameless War.pdf  + (Politically incorrect history of events leading up to the Second World War, told by an MP who enjoyed the friendship and confidence of prime minister Neville Chamberlain during the critical months between Munich and September 1939)
  • Karol Wojtyła  + (Pope John Paul II)
  • Walt Rostow  + (Position created by JFK. Became National Security Advisor in 1966.)
  • Mario Kohly  + (Possibly involved in the JFK assassination)
  • Document:North Korea - The Grand Deception Revealed  + (Post-WWII Korean history and the relentless demonisation of North Korea by the US.)
  • Post-truth  + (Post-truth applies to statements, situations and arguments where facts are subordinated or subjected to obfuscation in pursuit of desired intepretations/outcomes.)
  • Office of Strategic Services  + (Precursor to the CIA.)
  • Document:Staged ISIS Videos are the Plot of Iron Man 3  + (Predictive programming and fake news - an analysis of the ISIS 'beheading' videos and 'Iron Man 3')
  • Banker/Premature deaths  + (Premature deaths of bankers, not necessarily suspicious)
  • Spook/Premature deaths  + (Premature deaths of spooks, not necessarily suspicious)
  • Oliver Revell  + (Prescient in respect of terrorist attacks, or was he in the [[deep state]] loop?)
  • Document:Terminal Velocity  + (Presents evidence that the shots which killed PC Yvonne Fletcher were not fired from the first floor of the Libyan embassy and that other aspects of the official narrative are anomalous. It refers to the work of Joe Vialls.)
  • Document:Putin on the Ukraine coup  + (President Putin of Russia in an extended Q&A session with journalists about the 2014 coup in the Ukraine - Full transcript)
  • Document:Hammarskjold and Kennedy vs. The Power Elite  + (President [[John F. Kennedy]] hears of Con
    President [[John F. Kennedy]] hears of Congolese Prime Minister [[Patrice Lumumba]]'s murder from UN Ambassador [[Adlai Stevenson]]. Perhaps no photo from the Kennedy presidency summarises who Kennedy was, and how he differed from what preceded him and what came after him, than this picture.
    nd what came after him, than this picture.)
  • Hugh Bullock  + (President of the US Pilgrims Society for 41 years, no Wikipedia entry as of 2015.)
  • President of Switzerland  + (Presiding member of the seven-member Swiss Federal Council having previously served as Vice President of the Swiss Confederation)
  • Document:Washington with ISIS - Moscow with Syria  + (Press TV interview with Prof Michael Chossudovsky that juxtaposes Russian and US relations with the Syrian State together with the realities (and legalities) behind their respective deeds and actions.)
  • Document:Vladimir Putin Interview  + (Press interview with Vladimir Putin ahead of the September 2013 G20 meeting in St Petersburg)
  • Document:Vladimir Putin and Didier Burkhalter  + (Press statement and replies to journalists questions following the meeting in Moscow between President Putin and President of Switzerland and OSCE Chairman Didier Burkhalter on 7 May 2014)
  • Theodore Shackley  + (Pressured to resign by [[CIA Director]], [[Stansfield Turner]].)
  • Paul Vanden Boeynants  + (Prime Minister of Belgium, convicted fraudster and tax evader.)
  • Golem XIV - Thoughts  + (Private single man blog commenting on UK and world politics with emphasis on finance.)
  • Consensus trance  + (Probably coined by Charles Tart, this phra
    Probably coined by Charles Tart, this phrase indicates a collective agreement not to let objective reality (such as the finite nature of fossil fuels or mendacious behaviour of particular individuals) impinge on a shared belief system, generally more or less in agreement with the official narrative.
    in agreement with the official narrative.)
  • File:Waters Flowing Eastward.pdf  + (Probably the most complete historical analysis and deconstruction of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion")
  • John Taylor Gatto  + (Probably the most famous teacher in USA, who became an unschooling activist, having turned up irrefutable proof that the forced schooling system was never intended to benefit children, but quite the reverse.)
  • John H. Waller  + (Produced a report into the infamous [[Arms For Libya]] scandal which exonerated the [[CIA]].)
  • OffGuardian  + (Produced by a group of ''[[Guardian]]'' readers unhappy with its [[censorship]] policy)
  • Charles A. Briggs  + (Produced the mendacious "Briggs affidavit". End date is presumed.)
  • Len Osanic  + (Producer of [[Black Op Radio]], a comprehensive radio show focused on the [[JFK assassination]].)
  • Richard Falk  + (Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and former UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories)
  • Document:The Year of Iran: Tehran’s Challenge to American Hegemony in 2014  + (Prognosis for Iranian-US/Western relations and developments through 2014 from two ex-US government Iran experts and academics who are both disillusioned with the direction of US foreign policy and the 'War on Terror')
  • Document:Project Brexit  + (Project Brexit: "Doomed to Failure")
  • Seán MacBride  + (Prominent Irish and international politician, Nobel laureate)
  • Barack Obama  + (Promised "change you can believe in", and although the US public believed in it, no change was forthcoming.)
  • Stephen Hadley  + (Promoted after saving Rice during the bogus "Niger Uranium" scam.)
  • Document:Propaganda, Intelligence and MH-17  + (Propaganda is the life-blood of life-destr
    Propaganda is the life-blood of life-destroying wars, and the U.S. government has reached new heights (or depths) in this art of perception management. A case in point is the media manipulation around last year’s Malaysia Airlines shoot-down over Ukraine, says ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.
    Ukraine, says ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.)
  • Norman Reddaway  + (Propagandist spook)
  • Property:Has infobox  + (Property to associate infoboxes with the objects that use them)
  • Property:Has leader  + (Property to associate leadership posts with organisations)
  • Property:Has map  + (Property to associate maps with pages)
  • Property:Has depiction  + (Property to associate more general images with their subject)
  • Property:Has image  + (Property to associate particularly representative images with their subject)
  • Property:Has image2  + (Property to associate particularly representative images with their subject)
  • File:US Money v Corporation Currency.pdf  + (Prophetic 1912 book about the evil effects of privatised central banking in general and the activities of the Rothschild dynasty in particular)
  • Zafrulla Khan  + (Proponent of Pakistan, Bilderberger)
  • Document:The ‘Cult’ of Climate Change (née Global Warming)  + (Proponents of catastrophic anthropogenic g
    Proponents of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming from carbon emmissions (latterly renamed 'Climate Change' due to a conspicuous absence of warming over the past 20 years) are members of a cult which claims to be scientific but which is largely unsupported by rigorous science.
    s largely unsupported by rigorous science.)
  • Foreign Policy Journal  + (Provides critical analysis of U.S. foreign policy outside of the standard framework offered by political officials and the mainstream corporate media.)
  • Allen Dulles  + (Psychopath)
  • Conference  + (Public or at least quasi-public, acknowledged [[event]]s. Smaller, private functions such as those of most [[deep state milieux]] are listed as [[meeting]]s.)
  • Noam Chomsky  + (Publicly acclaimed critic of US foreign policy with an encylopaedic knowledge of history, Chomsky has become a gatekeeper by his refusal to contemplate [[false flag]] attacks.)
  • Robert Bonner  + (Publicly accused the CIA of cocaine importation just after leaving the job.)
  • Open source  + (Publicly verifiable software. Recommended.)
  • Document:Shooting to kill Corbyn - the coup is on  + (Published over six months before the attempted Corbyn coup actually started - prescient or what?)
  • Social Science Research Network  + (Publishers of Scientific research in the social sciences disciplines)
  • Ron Klain  + (Put in charge of the US response to Ebola by Barack Obama)
  • Barber Conable  + (Quill and Dagger)
  • Nora Slatkin  + (Quit upon the insistence of CIA Director, [[George Tenet]].)
  • Deborah Palfrey  + (Ran an escort agency in Washington D.C. that was frequently used by Washington insiders, and was aware of some 9/11 insiders who let information slip before the event.)
  • Document:It’s Nato that’s empire-building, not Putin  + (Rare honesty, peppered with obligatory obeisances to western official narratives, about Nato empire-building since 1990 from a western mainsteam media journalist.)
  • Robert de Foy  + (Re-appointed.)
  • Bell Pottinger  + (Received $500 million from the US DOD to create a range of propaganda, including fake Al-Qaeda videos)
  • John R. Bolton  + (Recess Appointment. Never Confirmed by the U.S. Senate)
  • Amphetamines  + (Recreational drugs with potential for use in combat.)
  • File:CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X Redacted.pdf  + (Redacted CIA Research paper SW91-10076X titled 'Project Babylon' as it appeared on the CIA web site in July 2012)
  • Document:The Warsaw Ghetto myth  + (Reflection of a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto)
  • George Ball  + (Regular Bilderberg attendee.)
  • Tony Blair  + (Remarkably popular at the time, Tony Blair was a UK prime minister, now infamous for lying the UK into invading Iraq, notwithstanding massive opposition. He is currently sought for War crimes by many people.)
  • Document:In Eisenhower's Death Camps  + (Reminiscences of a US soldier assigned as a guard to one of the Allies' Rhine Meadow concentration camps for "disarmed enemy combatants" after the German WWII surrender in 1945)
  • Drone  + (Remote controlled flying robots, used for a wide range of purposes, but still not a prominent feature of most people's lives.)
  • Mark Hatfield  + (Removed after a dramatic failure of the TSA)
  • Spiro Agnew  + (Removed by the cabal as vice president before the Watergate coup so Gerald Ford could retake the presidency for them.)
  • Internet/Censorship  + (Removing things from the internet has become a high priority for those who seek to contain knowledge and shape ideas. This is done under a range of covers, notably the "[[war on terror]]".)
  • Israel  + (Renewing the Memorandum of Understanding in September 2016, whereby the American taxpayer agreed to pay Israel $38 billion over a 10-year period)
  • James Rowley  + (Reorganised the Secret Service after the JFK hit.)
  • File:US-biowarfare in Korea.pdf  + (Report of investigations into the use of biological weapons by the US military during the Korean war of 1951-53)
  • File:IAP Maidan Investigations Review.pdf  + (Report of the Council of Europe International Advisory Panel on its review of the Maidan Investigations. It focuses on the 12 month period following the February 2014 coup.)
  • John M. Deutch  + (Reportedly "moved quickly to change things".)
  • Joe Gormley  + (Reportedly a Special branch informant)
  • Peter Hayman  + (Reportedly a key liaison between UK and USA intelligence.)
  • Oswald Allen Harker  + (Reportedly ineffective.)
  • Kari Kairamo  + (Reportedly killed himself)
  • George Kennedy Young  + (Reportedly resigned due to dissatisfaction with the MacMillan government. The start date is speculative, but matches the departure of James Easton.)
  • Walter Page  + (Reportedly resigned due to unspecified "ill-health". Died in December.)
  • Tom Feeney  + (Requested (and was supplied with) software to rig a US election.)
  • Hartmut Neven  + (Researcher who attended the 2018 Bilderberg)
  • Joseph Allbaugh  + (Resigned)
  • Geoffrey Tantum  + (Resigned)
  • Richard Walton  + (Resigned)