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  • Document:Rothschild TNK-BP Intriguers Drafted The Trump-Russia Report  + (An in-depth analysis of a 35 page UK-sourced intelligence document purporting to discredit Donald Trump and prove Russian involvement in the so-called 'hacking' of the 2016 presidential election.)
  • Document:Coup d'etat in slow motion  + (An in-depth analysis of the events and politics surrounding the assassination of Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme.)
  • Document:The Sordid Origin of Hate-Speech Laws  + (An in-depth analysis of the origins of modern western so-called 'Hate-speech' laws in the early post-[[WWII]] Soviet Union.)
  • Document:Wikileaks and the Mighty Wurlitzer  + (An in-depth discussion of how dissident organisations are co-opted and or otherwise used, abused, controlled or discredited and destroyed by the secret information services.)
  • Secret Elite  + (An incarnation of the UK deep state. The pAn incarnation of the UK deep state. The pseudonym was coined by [[Jim Macgregor]] and [[Gerry Docherty]] for their 2013 book ''[[Hidden History]]'' to describe the people who effectively controlled [[UK foreign policy]] from about 1890 into the decade following [[World War I]][[World War I]])
  • 2008 Mumbai attacks  + (An incident of "terrorism" used to introduce the Indian [[National Investigation Agency]]. The perpetrators may have connections to the CIA and deep state.)
  • File:Anonymous-open-letter-to-us-citizens.pdf  + (An incitement to revolution)
  • UK Column  + (An independent media source based in UK.)
  • Global Research  + (An independent research and media organization based in Montreal. The CRG is a registered non profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada.)
  • Sandra Barr  + (An independent researcher into psyops and hoaxes. Examines the numerology and why certain dates are used for such events. Exposes establishment corruption.)
  • Chris Busby  + (An independent scientist whose work demonsAn independent scientist whose work demonstrates that inadequate risk models are used by the establishment in its estimation of the health impact of low dose exposure to radiation. A concerted campaign has tried to undermine his credibility because his message challenges the status quo.use his message challenges the status quo.)
  • MintPress News  + (An independent website.)
  • Diligence  + (An industrial espionage network fronted by former members of the establishment.)
  • Hill & Knowlton  + (An infamous PR company)
  • Lincoln Savings  + (An infamous part of the multi-billion dollar [[Savings and loan fraud]].)
  • Keith B. Alexander  + (An infamously mendacious tenure)
  • Hill & Knowlton Strategies  + (An infmaous PR company)
  • The Georgetown Set  + (An informal group of party goers in Georgetown. Like-minded, anti-communists who were important in establishing the [[OPC]] and later the [[CIA]].)
  • Document:How Reddit Was Destroyed  + (An informative summary of changes made to how [[Reddit]] works to facilitate its use as a means of disseminating propaganda and frustrate its use as a forum for uncensored self-expression.)
  • James Comey  + (An insider who decided not to prosecute Hillary Clinton)
  • File:Analysis of CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X.pdf  + (An intelligence analysis and authentication of the un-redacted portions of CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X - Project Babylon: The Iraq supergun (1991))
  • Lori Klausutis  + (An intern for [[Joe Scarborough]]. Found dead at her desk aged 28, reportedly due to undiagnosed heart problems.)
  • File:Leaked-UN-Plan-for-Post-Gadhafi-Libya.pdf  + (An internal UN memo on the plan for UN involvement in 'post-conflict' Libya. It was obtained and first published by on 29 August 2011. Its authenticity is not verified but its contents indicate that it probably is a genuine UN document.)
  • Christopher Black  + (An international criminal and human rights lawyer with advocate experience at both the [[ICIY]] and the [[ICTR]])
  • International Center for the Study of Terrorism  + (An international group affiliated with a number of research universities in Britain and the United States.)
 (An international superstructure that has evolved since WW2)
  • European Union  + (An international superstructure that has evolved since WW2.)
  • International Criminal Court  + (An international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war crimes. Over 120 nations in the world have signed up, including almost all of Europe and the Americas, but with several non-signatories including USA, Russia, India and China.)
  • SEIU  + (An international union of almost 2 million members.)
  • Truthstream Media  + (An internet based, independent media outlet)
  • Joe Vialls  + (An internet journalist who cricitised commercially controlled media, and suffered a premature death,)
  • Document:President Bashar al Assad - Interview 17 June 2013  + (An interview with Syrian President Basher al-Assad)
  • Document:French volunteer fighters for DPR  + (An interview with two French volunteers with the Donbass Militia in Eastern Ukraine. The interview was conducted in Moscow.)
  • Document:The Octopus  + (An introduction to the involvement of senior US politicians, bureaucrats and the CIA in globalised criminal activities, the investigation of which cost investigative reported Danny Casolaro his life)
  • Document:The Spoils of War  + (An introduction to the murky subject of the gold plundered by the NAZI and Japanese militaries during World War II and what happened to it.)
  • File:Nanothermite Smoking Gun.pdf  + (An introduction to the nano-thermite issue and how the "investigators" chose to ignore this aspect.)
  • User:Robin  + (An introduction to this piece of Orwellian language.)
  • User:Robin  + (An introduction to this piece of Orwellian language.)
  • Michael Hastings  + (An investigate journalist.)
  • File:Church Committee - Congo.pdf  + (An investigation into CIA involvement in the murder of Patrice Lumumba.)
  • Saville Inquiry  + (An investigation into [[Bloody Sunday]] which left 14 people dead.)
  • Project ARTICHOKE  + (An investigation into interrogation methods using drugs and other methods:- "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?")
  • File:Theorising Truth.pdf  + (An investigation into the claims broadcastAn investigation into the claims broadcast in two documentaries about the London bombings of 7th July 2005:- 7/7 Ripple Effect and the BBC’s Conspiracy Files: 7/7. It concludes that both documentaries construct truth that supports their contrasting political outlook and agenda. contrasting political outlook and agenda.)
  • File:Truthontherock.pdf  + (An investigation into the wholesale distorAn investigation into the wholesale distortion of news by the corporate media when reporting on the SAS killings of 3 IRA members in Gibraltar on 6 March 1988. It is a serious indictment of the British media's handling of the affair and particularly that of The Sunday Times.and particularly that of The Sunday Times.)
  • John Morgan  + (An investigative journalist who has written a series of books about the death of [[Diana Princess of Wales]] which convincingly demonstrate that her death was NOT accidental)
  • Tracy Twyman  + (An investigator into claims of [[paedophilia in Hollywood]]. She was found dead in 2019. A posthumously released video include discussion and details of death threats against her.)
  • Gary Caradori  + (An investigator into the [[Franklin child prostitution ring]], killed with his son in a plane crash.)
  • Le Cercle/2012 (Morocco)  + (An invitation letter of this meeting was leaked online)
  • Document:The Shameful Tragedy of Tariq Aziz. A Metaphor for the “New Iraq.”  + (An obituary - and requiem - for a courageous honest man whose treatment at the hands of his tormentors heaps further shame on their Western installers and puppet-masters who have very effectively destroyed his country)
  • File:Owning the Weather.pdf  + (An official document of the US Air Force dealing with research and development of weather modification programs on a 25 year view. Its publication coincided with the start of an upsurge in public awareness and disquiet about 'Chemtrails')
  • ABC Trial  + (An official secrets case of 1977-78 during which the UK [[Labour]] government prosecuted 3 people for holding an interview, using the [[Official Secrets Act 1911]], a law they earlier had promised to repeal.)