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  • [[Category:Israel Lobby|Hirsh, David]][[Category:Decent left|Hirsh, David]]
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  • The FCC requires that broadcasts be 'decent', but does ''not'' specify exactly what this means. Amongst small broadcast [[image:FCC2017_sellout.jpg|444px|left]]
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  • ...o, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in t
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  • ...eft-slate-for-labours-executive/ "Rhea Wolfson replaces Ken Livingstone on left slate for Labour’s executive"]</ref> But her remarks laid bare the simmering tensions between some on the Left and the bigger unions after rows over NEC disciplinary hearings on antisemi
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  • ...Engage]], which, according to her personal profile, is a "campaign against left anti-semitism". She has served on the Executive of [[Socialist Organiser]], ...the Workers' Liberty website<ref>[ "Left" politics without class struggle?], Workers Liberty, 27 April 2006; Access
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  • [[Category:Neocons|Muravchik, Joshua]][[Category:Decent left|Muravchik, Joshua]]
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  • ...scale of the bloodshed makes the [[cognitive dissonance]] required for any decent individual to absolve Israel of culpability too difficult to sustain. ...eer scale of the bloodshed makes the cognitive dissonance required for any decent individual to absolve Israel of culpability too difficult to sustain.
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  • ...ncts are further reinforced. I am sure there are a few decent people still left in the Lib Dems. But they are invisible. ...ofessionals and decent people, [[John Sweeney]] and [[Peter Oborne]], have left their posts at [[BBC]] ''Panorama'' and the ''[[Daily Mail]]'' respectively
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  • ...labor movement. In 1972, the Socialist Party split into two factions; the left led by [[Michael Harrington]] and the right or conservative wing led by [[T ...entitled Everything Changed: What Now for Labor, Liberalism and the Global Left?
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  • :"Clacton has been left behind by this Tory-led Government. Prime Minister [[David Cameron]] boasts :"We need more good jobs and job security. We need decent wages and an end to poverty pay. We need a better future for our young peop
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  • ...few weeks ago by Random House, which is a book that should be read by all decent persons wishing to understand not only the Nazis and World War Two, but als ...nce then. A couple of days ago Pangalos attacked the "Coalition of Radical Left" as "political bums" who supported the hooded rioters that burned, etc. The
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  • ...capegoated for MPs opposed to him from the outset of his leadership having left (when was [[John Major]] blamed for the rebel Tories under his government? ...out all of their analysis. Above all, their belief that Labour was now too left wing.
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  • ...s as if they make it up as they go along". Indeed, even before Assange had left Sweden for London in 2010, Marianne Ny made no attempt to question him. In ...ary Detention. Will he reclaim this shred of Australia's reputation in the decent world?
    9 KB (1,480 words) - 15:26, 15 February 2019
  • ...s our future generations at huge risk by ignoring the proven benefits of a decent lunch."<ref>''[ [[image:GE2017_youth_turnout.png|200px|left|thumb|Youth vote goes Labour]]
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  • ...master's degree, and finally a Doctor of Philosophy, all in economics. He left the university in 1990. ...omoted to Minister by [[Viktor Chernomyrdin]], serving until 1993, when he left to run for office.
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  • ...e identifies himself as a liberal but is a prominent pro-war activist. He left the ''News Statesman'' in 2003 after being dubbed the magazine’s “house ...& C Black, 2008; online edn, Oxford University Press, Dec 2007</ref>Lloyd left the ''Financial Times'' to edit the ''New Statesman'' from 1986–87 before
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  • ...ical consciousness, as well as the level of skepticism and paranoia on the left. ...he provisional government. In 1976 the "Socialist" Party (scarcely further left and no less anti-communist than the US Democratic Party) came to power, hea
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  • File:Advance to Barbarism.pdf
    ...h certain humane conventions were observed. Gibbon notices this advance in decent behaviour with complacency. A writer in the eighteenth century might reason “The harsh gifts of late have left their stamp on the race of the Muscovites. A certain sombre obstinacy, a so
    (1.34 MB) - 21:58, 29 January 2018
  • ...ooth hands of the officer class were shot. Matyjaszek passed the test, and left Poland shortly afterwards, travelling via Romania and France to Scotland. T ...ocial justice' in Venezuela. Even the conservative ''Financial Times'' was left bemused by MacShane's glee at the overthrow of the democratically elected g
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  • ...better deal for young people and the areas of this country that have been left behind for too long. First, we will open the way to rebuilding our NHS by e can also be a block on the action that’s needed to support our economy, decent jobs and living standards. Labour will use state aid powers in a drive to b
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