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  • ...tion=A brilliant cryptologist who worked for GCHQ and was unexpected found dead, naked, locked in a sports bag in "a fluid" in his bath. "Probably an acci ''Not to be confused with the [[Bilderberger]] [[Gareth Williams, Baron Williams of Mostyn]].''
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  • ...14), a Boeing 727–224 aircraft registration 5A-DAH, was a scheduled flight from [[Tripoli]] to [[Cairo]] ''via'' [[Benghazi]] and was shot down on 21 Febru ...tten by the media and aviation history, and therefore has basically lapsed from the public’s consciousness."<ref>[
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  • |start=9 April 1981 ...9 April 1981 | |date=9 April 1981 |accessdate=26 April 2010}}</ref> His death in May 1981 was followed by a new surge of Provision
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  • ...nister of the Republic of the Congo]] after he helped win its independence from [[Belgium]] in June 1960.<ref>{{cite book ...eptember 2002|page=9}}</ref> but the UK government was implicated in April 2013 by [[Lord Lea of Crondall]]'s public claim that fellow peer and former [[MI
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  • ...g, he appeared in a court in Libya for a pre-trial hearing on 19 September 2013.<ref>[ "Gaddafi spy chief Ab ...awyers in his prison in Libya, where has been held since he was extradited from Mauritania. Anoud al-Senussi told ''Reuters'' she did not expect her father
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  • |next=4 April 2003 ...ry in June 2001, Cook was demoted by Tony Blair (reportedly under pressure from the [[George W. Bush|Bush administration]]) and appointed [[Leader of the H
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  • ...006-10-03-tutu-to-be-honoured-with-gandhi-peace-award "Tutu to be honoured with Gandhi Peace Award"]</ref> and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009. ...012, [[Archbishop Desmond Tutu]] announced his refusal to share a platform with former Prime Minister [[Tony Blair]]. [[Archbishop Tutu]]’s office said i
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  • |publication_date=2013/02/01 ...s of the motives, methodologies, organisations and individuals behind 9-11 from a leading moral philosopher and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. One
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