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  • ...l dimension. During the Cold War, the US ‘dual security structure’ – with its specifically tasked units masquerading as ‘enemy forces’ – was de ...rovide aid or safe haven for terrorism. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists’. <ref name="GWB"/> The US led anti-terrorist ‘coalition
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  • ...f Iraq the Group was renamed as the [[15 (UK) Information Support Group]], with an email address reflecting this: ...wn from all 3 services, whilst the Reservist group of 28 provides the Unit with its media, broadcasting and publishing specialists. TA members of the Group
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  • ''Not to be confused with the [[Bilderberger]] [[Gareth Williams, Baron Williams of Mostyn]].'' ...nked to [[MI6]] or that it is a front for MI6. Our clients do not have any links to MI6 whatsoever and are distressed by the death of Mr Williams.’ <ref>[
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  • |source_URL= ...]], and [[Colombian]] drug lords, have worked out a common modus operandi, with the laundering of dirty money entrusted chiefly to the lawless Russian bank
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  • ...ence" that gives the nuclear industry its mandate, Cold War science which, with its reassurances about low-dose radiation risk, is being used to quiet alar ...t]], environmentalist turned nuclear advocate, in a much-publicized debate with [[Helen Caldicott]] on television and in the ''[[Guardian]]'', refers to th
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  • ...yright remains with Tim Baber. The articles are re-published on Wikispooks with the author's permission ...'s book and visit the Alice in Wonderland theme park next to Hurn airport, with a new perspective.
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  • ...te Eye'' and you will find a pulsating suspicion of authority and sympathy with authority's victims. ...n any other politician. But then he would pull himself together and get on with it.<ref>[ The epistles of
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  • ...ted Nations Disarmament Forum Vol 3 25-66 Geneva: UNIDIR</ref><ref>Busby C. (2011) Uranium Weapons, a Depleted Scien ...ealth risks of ionising radiation<ref name="BusbyCato">Busby C.C (2003) ed with Bertell R, Yablokov A, Schmitz Feuerhake I and Scott Cato M . ECRR2003: 200
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  • ...uded on the list of required reading for United States Army officers, and (with Sun Tzu and Clausewitz) the third non-American entry on the list.<ref name= ...fer Byrne, [ ''"Interview with Martin van Creveld"''] March 20, ABC, 2002</ref>
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  • ...nguage icon|ru|Russian}}[[Category:Articles with Russian-language external links]]<noinclude>
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  • ...Ed. On 29 September 2010, he announced that to avoid "constant comparison" with his brother Ed, and because of the "perpetual, distracting and destructive ...ortant part of my identity." – from {{cite news|url=|last=Josephs|first=Bernard|title=Davi
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  • ...the creation of Bellingcat, the 'Brown Moses blog' had not been concerned with events in [[Ukraine]].<ref>''[ ...depends on. His output has been nothing if not consistent, viz: Consistent with what one would expect from promoters of the Anglo-US-NATO {{ON}}s of geo-po
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  • ...ation from their neighbours, the family abandoned their house and moved in with neighbours for six months before being granted housing in the nearby Rathco ...dmission, proved to be the point at which he realised peaceful coexistence with the local Protestants was no longer possible and decided that counter-milit
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  • ...sian history since the Bolshevik Revolution and the country's relationship with the United States. ''Not to be confused with [[Stephen Cohen (entrepreneur)]] who cofounded [[Palantir]].''
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  • ...ed Moon landing by 1969 to win the battle of systems and impress the world with technical superiority:<ref>[ ...orty years ago.<ref name="veche">[ Interview with Alexander Ivanovich Popov], A. Gromov, 10/3/09 (Rus.)</ref> In 2010, Presid
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  • ...An event occurred earlier in the [[1970s]] that is constantly omitted from articles written about attacks on civilian aircraft and seems to have been largely f ...gnalled the airliner’s crew to follow them. The plane’s crew responded with hand gestures, but it is not known if they properly understood the instruct
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  • ...s and Economics at University College, University of Oxford, and graduated with a first class honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. ...the newly created Surrey seat of Runnymede and Weybridge. He won the seat with a majority of 9,875 and has remained its MP since. He made his maiden speec
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  • ...l Alleged : Leads, Leaps of Faith in Hostage Tale]</ref> He ceased working with the CIA in 1985/1986.<ref name=depos/> officials."<ref>''[[Philadelphia Inquirer]]'', 7 December 1986, [
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  • ...vidence in these areas shows the possibilities and difficulties in drawing links between suppression and corporate, professional, and state power, respectiv ...several groups, such as researchers, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies with a stake in vaccination programs.
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  • portion of a page uses IPA, it is customary to post notice of that fact with {{tlx|IPA notice|2=lang=en}}, though each token still requires the {{tlx|IP ...not enough occurrences to warrant a notice, then consider a template that links to an IPA key for the first instance of the IPA on a page or section.
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