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  • <!--{{Dead link}} begin-->{{Fix ...}|[*/{{{url|}}} dead link]|[[Wikipedia:Link rot|dead link]]}}</i>&#93;</span></sup>
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  • ...s; use {{para|ISBN}} or {{para|OCLC}} to provide neutral search links for books. Invalid URLs, including those containing spaces, will result in ...for links to published research papers, published books, or news articles with publication dates. Note that '''access-date''' is the date that the URL was
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  • ...rst=Ken|date=29 September 2010|website=Harper's|archive-url=|archive-date=|dead-url=|access-date=1 May 2017}}</ref> that he could not have exposed the willingness of the companies to work with a [[Stalinist]] dictatorship using conventional journalism methods.<ref>{{c
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  • {{info|1=This template is intended for [[Wikipedia:External links|external links]]. It is not designed for use as a [[Wikipedia:Citation templates|citation ...e [[Wayback Machine]], [[WebCite]] and [[List of Web archiving initiatives|all other web archiving services]].
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  • Some articles and pictures once available are now dead links. ...and the slogan, ''"You've got to run fast, run fast, run fast, before it's all over."'' Below is a drawing of Arab women weeping over a grave and the word
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  • ...inst Iran<ref>Kristol, William, "[ It's Our War, Bush should go to Jerusalem — and]] Channel (FNC) and serves as a regular contributor to ''Special Report with [[Brit Hume]]''. In December 2007, ''The New York Times'' offered Kristol
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  • |capture=Baha Mousa with his wife and children 2002 ...erely assaulted by a number of British troops. Two days later he was found dead <ref>[ Robert Fisk - Who Kille
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  • ...icular topic - and nationalist topics are the worst affected. One can find all kinds of head-to-head disputes over, say, small countries in Eastern Europe ...d it to be. Jayjg was eventually told to knock it off, but only after most articles within the topic were heavily contaminated by the activities of him and his
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  • ...tion=A brilliant cryptologist who worked for GCHQ and was unexpected found dead, naked, locked in a sports bag in "a fluid" in his bath. "Probably an acci ''Not to be confused with the [[Bilderberger]] [[Gareth Williams, Baron Williams of Mostyn]].''
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  • === Blank template with basic parameters === === Blank template with all parameters ===
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  • ...ussian Airbus [[Metrojet Flight 9268]] exploded on 31 October 2015 killing all 224 passengers and crew ...An event occurred earlier in the [[1970s]] that is constantly omitted from articles written about attacks on civilian aircraft and seems to have been largely f
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  • |spouses=Married with two children given only as "Mike". He is portrayed as being occasionally frustrated with his superiors' failure to aggressively target bin Laden.
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  • ...ation from their neighbours, the family abandoned their house and moved in with neighbours for six months before being granted housing in the nearby Rathco ...y of Northern Ireland'', pp. 13–14</ref><ref>{{cite book | title = Ten Men Dead: The Story of the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike| author = David Beresford | publ
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  • ...ews in broadcast TV history, as he tried to railroad Syrian MP from Aleppo with a series of standard failed talking points likely issued by the Foreign Off ...466174-detail/story.html "Have I Got Election News For You on BBC1 tonight with Paul Merton, Ian Hislop, Jon Snow, Romesh Ranganathan & guest host Jo Brand
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  • ...2748333435}}</ref> He was a member of the Tetela ethnic group and was born with the name Élias Okit'Asombo. His original surname means "heir of the cursed ...oming the MNC's president. Lumumba and his team represented the MNC at the All-African Peoples' Conference in Accra, Ghana, in December 1958. At this inte
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  • I would first need to see any official requests and discuss the matter with his family.” ...ion from Mauritania in 2012 at Tripoli’s high-security Hadba prison, along with other senior officials from the former regime.<ref>[http://www.thesundaytim
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  • the University of Edinburgh, where he obtained a Master of Arts degree with Honours in English Literature. He began studying for a PhD on Charles Dicke ...mpbell explained that the press was about to break the story of his affair with Regan. His estranged wife subsequently accused him of being insensitive dur
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  • dimension. During the Cold War, the US ‘dual security structure’ – with its specifically tasked units masquerading as ‘enemy forces’ – was de ...rovide aid or safe haven for terrorism. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists’. <ref name="GWB"/> The US led anti-terrorist ‘coalition
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  • ...006-10-03-tutu-to-be-honoured-with-gandhi-peace-award "Tutu to be honoured with Gandhi Peace Award"]</ref> and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009. ...012, [[Archbishop Desmond Tutu]] announced his refusal to share a platform with former Prime Minister [[Tony Blair]]. [[Archbishop Tutu]]’s office said i
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  • ...s irritating and/or difficult to follow. However, most are clearly defined with footnotes. One exception is the term "''Money Sequencing''" which is used m most analyses of these epoch-defining events, the paper does not deal with any of the multitude of well-known contradictions, omissions and anomalies
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