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  • ...s/pdfs/nlem/oral-histories/FBI_Marquise_interview.pdf "Richard A. Marquise interview, April 11, 2008, page 34"]''</ref> ...owning of [[Pan Am Flight 103]] that killed 270 people. Marshman read from transcripts he gathered during Lockerbie investigations in November 1989, almost one ye
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  • The '''Afghanistan Papers''' are a set of document, mostly interview transcripts.
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  • Suskind responded by releasing a transcript of an interview with Richer: The Way of the World transcripts], accessed 8 August 2008.</ref>
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  • In an interview to ''"Russia Beyond the Headlines"'' for ''"Rossiyskaya Gazeta"'' and ''"Th ...f questions on our part that remain unanswered. For example, where are the transcripts of exchange between the pilots of MH17 and the Ukrainian air controllers an
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  • inspired [[Troy Boner]] to recant his original recantation, and give an interview for ''[[Conspiracy of Silence]]'', the investigative documentary into the [ ...ead that described him as a “delusional investigator.”<ref name=coe/> Some transcripts<ref></
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  • ...was actively involved in the La Belle bombing. According to interrogation transcripts studied by Frontal, he had the detailed knowledge of a participant. He even ...own of Bergen, where ''Frontal'' found and interviewed him. He stopped the interview when he was asked what secret service he had been working for. His lawyer,
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  • ...revent him from appealing his wrongful conviction. The Court released the transcripts after a three month delay and only because of the Attorney General’s inte ...members in the US, Germany and Romania. This has resulted in a television interview on November 23 with Princeton TV that will air within two weeks. Kevin has
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  • freely available. Dr. Hammond later distanced himself from unauthorized transcripts - not from his lecture per se - and stopped publishing about DID. He is the ACHES-MC interview with Lynne Moss-Sharman
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  • ...rchive.</ref><ref>[ New Transcripts Point to US Role in Chile Coup].</ref><ref>[ Syracuse University Press, 2004.</ref><ref>[ "U.S. Comes Clean About The Coup In Iran"]. CNN Insig
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  • components, the delay time is put at between 30 and 35 minutes.” [Zeist transcripts p 8769] That’s not a range of test results, but a range of estimates base ...freely in Jordan after fleeing from Germany, as "a suspect” they’d like to interview:
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  • In response, Suskind released a transcript of an interview with [[CIA]] officer [[Rob Richer]]: The Way of the World transcripts], accessed 8 August 2008.</ref>
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  • In response to the claim of [[Chris Williamson]] MP (in a [[BBC]] interview with him on 26 February 2019) never to have seen [[anti-Semitism]] in the [, called to decide her future. Walker and her brothers obtained verbatim transcripts of these sessions, and they are used to open the book.
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  • ...le=1056 Response to criticism] of the film "Gaza Strip".</ref> and gave an interview about it in 2003.<ref name=film>[ Middle East Understanding, Inc.</ref> In a 4 October 1998 interview with The London Sunday Times, a former IIBR biologist said "There is hardly
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  • .../ Ms Anar Virji] contacted Frank Duggan asking for an interview: ...estigation and their reaction to it. This would be for an on-camera, taped interview we'd like to do before 4pm eastern today, if possible. We can do it via ''S
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  • |authors_note=During a recent interview, I was asked to express my conclusions about the July 17, 2014 shoot-down o ...2014, with the able assistance of eager-to-please pundits. A review of the transcripts of the CBS, NBC, and ABC Sunday follies reveals a remarkable – if not unp
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  • ...t the Scottish Police first visited the MEBO offices in 1990 to request an interview and ask about the production of MST-13 timers. the duty paid receipts on the returning timers. Bollier claimed at that interview, that he was very glad that he did not go via Malta when he discovered late
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  • ...rietor of strange and engrossing website called [[Cryptome]], to set up an interview. In doing so, I supplied him with certain data: my name [John Cook], occupa ...eve me? As it turns out, I am not the first reporter from ''[[Radar]]'' to interview Young. '''Anthony Haden-Guest''', a British writer who splits his time betw
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  • ...and other '''civilian''' aircraft in the area at the time plus recordings/transcripts between MH17<->UkSATSE and Russian ATC <->UkSATSE. It is worth noting that ...a "brawl." All of these appellations apply if one only focuses on how the "interview" appeared in form. What is more important - and not commented on - is the c
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  • Conferences, Interviews and Speeches,"] including archived speeches and transcripts dating from January 2001, ''DefenseLINK''. ...War]. Excerpts from the news transript of Sam Tannenbaus' ''Vanity Fair'' interview with Paul Wolfowitz, U.S. Department of Defense: News Transcript, May 9, 20
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  • ...describes a phone call he received from Jay Cristol in 1990 requesting an interview. Boston refered him to Admiral Kidd (ret.), still alive at the time. ...communications of the attacking Israeli pilots, claiming that not only did transcripts of those communications exist, but also that it showed the Israelis knew th
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