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  • ...foe code for a civilian aircraft, but Captain William C. Rogers III in an interview insisted that he believed the code alone did not mean the aircraft was non- ABC Nightline interview with Admiral William Crowe] aired 1 July 1992, in which Crowe admits that t
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  • ...icy Exchange could demonstrate public benefit through the dissemination of transcripts and papers arising out of each event;</p><p>'''and transparency''' – The .../2007/aug/06/mondaymediasection.politicsandthemedia1 Politically Correct - Interview: Martin Bright], ''Guardian'', 6 October 2007.</ref>
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  • down her late husband's killers. In May 1999, Graça Mandela said in an interview on South African Broadcasting Corporation TV's ''News Maker'' programme tha *[ Amnesty hearings and transcripts]
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  • ...cottish Judges.<ref>[ "Transcripts from CNN: The Lockerbie/Pan Am 103 Trial proposal 24/08 - 27/08 1998"] JONA In April 2004, Black gave an in-depth interview to the ''Times Higher Education'' supplement:
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  • In a May 25, 1990 interview with ''[[Executive Intelligence Review]]'', Gunderson said, "In the McMarti ...left as they appear in documents, except for minor punctuation changes in transcripts. Interpolations in quoted material are denoted by brackets []. When the nam
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  • In a German interview in May 2009, Dr. Harrit said: "There are no experts on nano-thermite withou The same issue of Videnskab also carried an interview with Professor Harrit, who answered pointed questions about the peer-review
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  • ...hat it was submitted as part of an "appeal of the CIA’s refusal to release transcripts of government wiretaps on Marilyn Monroe’s telephones" and that the appea ...accompanied by his wife, Dorothy. He had asked her to come with him. In an interview forty-two years later, she told me what happened next to her husband. After
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  • ...never in Gibraltar, the Sunday Times had their journalists filing verbatim transcripts of the proceedings back to Wapping. The report then went on to show ITN's interview with these witnesses filmed the previous May. Yet by News at Ten that night
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  • ...not clear for whom this documentation was conducted, for the WHCA logs and transcripts were in fact withheld from the Warren Commission.{{ref|61}} the famous Mannlicher Carcano. Adamcik was later present at Mamantov’s interview of Marina about the rifle, and corroborated Mamantov’s account of it to t
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  • ...f State, it must be very, very shocking for Dr. Caplan to have to read the transcripts of the British Court of Appeals and find the credibility and testimony of W ...operated solely in government controlled areas, and did not once think to interview any one of the hundreds of thousands of Rwandan people, from the northern d
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  • ...s testimony was neither reported by the New York Times nor included in its transcripts of the [[Watergate]] Hearings. Other members of the Sangenis operation incl ...enis operation had some 150 Cubans; and we know now from a recent CBS news interview of [[Bernard Barker]] by [[Bill Moyers]], that no less than 120 ex-CIA Cuba
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