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 Has targetHas valueHas publicationDateHas summaryDescription
TerjeMax Jakobson512 December 2021
TerjeWEF/Young Global Leaders54 April 2021
TerjeGerman Marshall Fund of the United States517 January 2020An important CIA front organization
TerjeRive-Reine-Conference517 January 2020
TerjeTrond Johansen510 October 2021
TerjeIvermectin511 November 2021
TerjeDocument:Democratic State v Deep State517 January 2020
TerjeWEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow54 April 2021
TerjeFoster child drug trials511 November 2021
TerjeChristopher Shale54 April 2021
TerjeMark Rutte54 April 2021
TerjeThe Storming of the Reichstag512 December 2021
TerjeDag Hammarskjöld/Premature death517 January 2020Should be categorized as an assassination
TerjeAtlantik-Brücke517 January 2020
TerjeAvisa Partners517 January 2020How propaganda and PR really works
TerjeDitchley517 January 2020
TerjeWallenberg family510 October 2021
TerjeCelle Hole54 April 2021
TerjeMoby Prince517 January 2020
TerjeTurkish Straits512 December 2021
TerjeSuez Canal512 December 2021
TerjeImane Fadil512 December 2021
TerjeLe Cercle54 April 2021
TerjeReutlingen Pathological Institute54 April 2021First both independent and well-verified COVID-vaccine analysis
TerjeEuropean Round Table of Industrialists517 January 2020
TerjeGerman Marshall Fund of the United States512 December 2021
TerjeForced Sterilization Campaign512 December 2021
TerjeMarieluise Beck54 April 2021
TerjeAir France Flight 1611511 November 2021
TerjeAir France Flight 296511 November 2021
TerjeGaslighting512 December 2021
TerjeNorman Kirk512 December 2021
TerjeNational Endowment for Democracy517 January 2020
TerjeBijlmer disaster517 January 2020
TerjeAustralian Strategic Policy Institute517 January 2020Propaganda mill against ChinaPicks up and washes dubiously sourced claims, thus giving them credibility
TerjeSuite 8F Group54 April 2021
TerjeAnastasio Somoza Debayle54 April 2021
TerjeBilderberg/2021512 December 2021
TerjeBellingcat517 January 2020
TerjeAristide Brunello517 January 2020
TerjeManus Island511 November 2021
TerjeAchnacarry Agreement512 December 2021
TerjeZika virus511 November 2021
TerjeThe Red Hand51 January 2021Less known than the CIA, the French certainly can play dirty
TerjeGymnich Meeting512 December 2021
TerjeJoschka Fischer510 October 2021
TerjeAirwars517 January 2020Low-balling death statistics