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RobinSchool49 September 2016A thought provoking set of observationsThis page could do with more examples, but sketches out a distressing picture of how schools - particularly in the USA - are being used to prepare the next generation for an obscene, totalitarian autocracy.
RobinDocument:The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld38 November 2017An excellent introduction on the origins of the US Deep StateI am continually impressed by the research of Peter Dale Scott. This article ties a lot of hidden history together, and is well backed up by supporting material on this site.
RobinEdwin P. Wilson426 October 2016An illustrative character who is not mentioned enough elsewhereEdwin Wilson was just one more deep state spook, but exposure of his "Arms For Libya sheds useful light on the deep state. Note Wilson's close connections with other spooks, and his involvement in CIA drug dealing.
RobinDocument:Reset This!49 May 2015A reminder of how much supposedly out-of-the-box thinking has been captured."Why has the Second Coming boiled down to a cheque in the mail?..." I read this for Episode #710 of my radio show... "Reset nothing. Recreate everything."
RobinUSS Liberty Incident418 July 2017Wordy but importantThis is a rather long article, but one which gives a detailed set of insights into this failed false flag.
RobinSunny Sheu426 April 2016A good summary of a hugely under-reported and ominous murder.This page may be the clearest exposition on WWW of the fate of this courageous whistleblower.
RobinTWA Flight 800330 November 2018A summary of this highly suspicious deep event.No definitive conclusion, but an introduction to a deep event which remain undeciphered to this day.
RobinOperation 4041 September 2016A rather disorganised overview of this essential groupingOperation 40 in some ways was when the wheels really fell off the "national interest" wagon - the CIA spooks quickly used the fact that men trained to kill without asking why could be used for private as well as public purposes, and the senior group members became a key tool in both the JFK assassintion and subsequent deep events.
RobinJosé Sanjenís Perdomo41 September 2016A sound introduction to this shady characterPerdomo played a key role in Operation 40 - the CIA hit squad run out of Ted Shackley's Miami station - connected to the JFK Assassination. His witnessing the assassination of John Lennon is therefore remarkable. Wikipedia deleted their page on him in 2015...
Robin2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust519 August 2016"Cocaine One" - 5½ tons of cocaine aboard a plane that lands in Mexico. It then disappears.Many people are still unaware that things like this can happen. The CIA connected plane was later used for rendition. Porter Goss suddenly resigns as CIA Director for unstated reasons. Corporate media uninterested.
RobinWikipedia/Problems42 July 2016A competent run through of some of the significant failings of this very successful websiteWikipedia is good at what it is good at, very good. There are however some verifiable blind spots, which are predictable and systematic in nature. This page should alert the reader frustrated by Wikipedia's systematic bias, censorship and other problems.
RobinCorporate media/Censorship38 November 2017An important but brief articleThis article gives a good overview, but lacks examples.
RobinAndreas Straßmeir327 July 2019An interesting guy.This is only a selection of pointers really, but it's a story not well told elsewhere that I've seen.
RobinRussian apartment bombings426 August 2016A good introduction to this rather sidelined eventUnderstanding this event - carried out while Putin was FSB premier - is an easy way to understand why the Russians have not exposed 9-11. And if the Russians have chosen not to, do you see any other national governments doing so?
RobinFalse flag418 July 2017An essential topic!This article explains this vital tactic, increasingly being unmasked by independent investigators worldwide.
RobinSexual Blackmail38 November 2017Recommended readingBlackmail pervades not only the political sphere, but also the highest level of the commercially-controlled media. This article may go some way to correcting the blindspot big media has in its presentation of stories about sexual indiscretions.
RobinWhistleblower418 July 2016A good selection of important whistleblowers neglected by corporate media.There are a few gaps, and whistleblowers who don't even get a mention, this is a thought provoking selection which should give you an idea of what corporate media have been censoring.
RobinOfficial narrative31 July 2016An important concept on WikispooksThis provides an overview of both 'Official narratives' and 'Official opposition narratives' can be used to frame debates in ways that suit the establishment.
RobinDocument:Collateral Damage 911425 January 2015An informative depiction of 9/11 as cover for a huge financial crimeAs someone who has looked - so I thought - fairly closely at 9/11, I was not expecting to discover what this document laid out for me - an entirely new angle to the event, backed up by what appear to be a lot of references and a few loose ends tied up. It is not without a fair degree of speculation, but gave me - at least - a highly thought provoking angle on the event which I had hitherto missed. It is drawn on by Mark Gorton for his compelling essay on Document:Fifty Years of the Deep State.
RobinStrategy of tension311 February 2019An important topicA reasonable overview of this undermentioned topic.
Robin9-11/Media_response38 November 2017A good overview of how big media responded to 9-11The corporate media marched in lock step for a month or so after 9-11, and for years had nothing to say about the obvious flaws in the official narrative, such as the anomalous collapse of World Trade Center 7.
RobinRadicalisation411 February 2019A helpful exposeAn introduction to this piece of Orwellian language.
RobinDeep event330 November 2018Includes a long list of events deserving further attention.As well as an introduction to the concept of deep events, this page includes dozens of examples of deep events, some now understood, some still highly mysterious.
RobinInstitute for Statecraft520 April 2019An overview of this organ of the UK Deep stateA good start for understanding this group which appears to be a UK Deep state effort to promote Russophobia and attempting to kick of a New Cold War.
RobinMass surveillance38 November 2017A good overview of this important topicAlthough rather wordy and in need of better structure, this page gathers a lot of relevant information in one place and presents insight into this important topic.
RobinNational security411 February 2019A helpful exposeAn introduction to this piece of Orwellian language.
RobinTerror drills525 August 2016It is interesting that Wikipedia doesn't have a page on these...Even more interesting is the list of attacks with simultaneous drills: 9-99, 9-11, 2004 Madrid train bombings, 7-7, 2015-11 Paris attacks... The list seems to go on and on.
RobinArms for Libya 2.0326 May 2019An brief but useful overviewA brief overview of this deep event which dropped off corporate media radar.
RobinMLK/Assassination327 July 2019An introduction to a revealing event - especially its cover-up.Only a selection of pointers really, but it's a creditable introduction to the case.
Robin2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash519 August 2016A CIA rendition plane with tons of cocaine crashes in Mexico.An important piece of the puzzle that fits together with other reports of CIA planes involving large shipments of money and drugs. Wikipedia doesn't even give this event its own page.
RobinExtremism411 February 2019A helpful exposeAn useful expose of this piece of Orwellian language.
RobinWestern Global Airlines N545JN519 August 201667 tons of cash and a body found on a CIA plane. Western media uninterested.This is, particularly in light of other CIA plane events linked to the global illegal drug trade, not a story which should not be allowed to slip down the memory hole.
RobinLost and Found ID425 August 2016How can a passport survive a plane crash better than a black box?In deep events ID seems to survive even when none of the perpetrators do. The page collects the suspicious evidence of what Russ Baker calls "Lost and Found ID" syndrome.
RobinWar on Terror42 July 2016Everyone should be familiar with this back storyThe "War on Terror" is not a mistake, nor did it begin in 2001 in response to 9/11. This page clears up a number of misconceptions about this so-called "war" which like the "war on drugs" was designed to be endless.
RobinDr Rola412 September 2016An important story only bested by Robert StuartRobert Stuart has done the world's deepest dive into this. This is a good introduction to the topic, a collection of the available material.
RobinJerusalem Conference on International Terrorism38 November 2017A good overview of this seminal conferenceThe Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism is little remarked upon, even in the independent media, but deserves much greater attention since it ties together George H. W. Bush, Benjamin Netenyahu and Le Cercle. The article lacks details, but is a recommended starting point for anyone seeking to understand the "War on Terror".
RobinDocument:UK Intelligence And Security Report, 2003425 January 2015Impressively compendious researchAlthough now over 10 years old, this compiles a lot of information of use to anyone interested in the UK intelligence services. The information is largely unsourced, but is well structured and includes an impressive amount of detail on key groups and places. It deserves a wider audience.
RobinFalse Flag426 August 2016A good introduction to this essential topicSadly, false flag attacks have become routine in the 21st century, and a lot of effort and resources are channeled into their production - and even more into the suppression of these truths. The more people who understand this technique, the less effective and more counterproductive it will be.
RobinRoland Carnaby430 November 2018Maybe the best page on WWW about this deep state operativeThis is far from the final word, but gives a good introduction to this member of the US deep state who was killed by US police.
RobinPolice state38 November 2017Thought provoking readingA somewhat disorganised but fact packed page, which gives an angle on the concept never fond in the commercially-controlled media.
RobinWar on Terror/Purposes417 July 2017A good overview of the eral purposes of the "war on terror".Many people are of course making money from the "war on terror", but as this page details, those who created it had deeper plans, such as the removal of civil liberties, increasing of censorship and mass surveillance
RobinVIPaedophile326 May 2019An brief but useful overviewNot authoritative yet but this page provides a multitude of links to give an overview of the bigger picture.
RobinCounter-terrorism48 November 2017A recent and rather brief but helpful articleThis article has good information, but lacks a historical overview of the topic, and could do better at clarifying the legal status of counter-terrorists.
RobinCorporate media/Mendacity39 April 2019An overview of this important topicA look at how corporate media promote war propaganda and official narratives about false flag terror.
RobinBarry Jennings38 November 2017A summary of the testimony of this important whistleblowerThis page summarises the eyewitness testimony of Barry Jennings, which was directly contradicted by the NIST report released soon after his sudden and mysterious disappearance.
Robin2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack530 November 2018A good overview of this event which the commercially-controlled media have tried to sweep down the memory hole.One month after 9-11, a remarkable attack occurred on the Mexican parliament, by a couple well armed Israeli Mossad agents with Pakistani passports. The fact that Western Corporate media was uninterested (and therefore, Wikipedia too) should give food for thought.
RobinGeorge H. W. Bush430 July 2017Disorganised but factualIf the 'shadow CV' of George H. W. Bush is new to you, this is a recommended starting point to understand the deep politics which underlies the superficial layer presented for public consumption.
Robin9-11/WTC7/Collapse39 September 2016A bunch of good material on this anomalous collapseThis page is not perfectly structured, but contains a lot of well referenced and thought provoking information. If you are new to 9/11 skepticism, this is a pretty good place event to start unraveling the official narrative.
RobinUS/DOJ330 November 2018This article points to a lot of material that expose the USDOJ for what it is.Although it barely scratches the surface, this article gives a useful set of pointers to information to help the reader understand what the modern US DOJ is.
RobinDeep State44 February 2017A useful starting pointWhile this page lacks somewhat in clarity, for anyone new to the idea, it is a very useful starting point to understanding what this website is about.