Saville Inquiry

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Date1998 - 24 March 2010
InterestsBloody Sunday (1972)
DescriptionAn investigation into Bloody Sunday which left 14 people dead.

The report of the Saville Inquiry, published on 15 June 2010 some 38 years after the events and immediately accepted by the British government, found that all of those shot were unarmed, and that the killings were "unjustified and unjustifiable." Five of those wounded were shot in the back.

Detailing 5,000 pages of evidence taken over 12 years of hearings, The Saville Report concluded that:

  • none of the 14 dead was carrying a gun,
  • no warnings were given,
  • no soldiers were under threat
  • the troops were the first (and probably only ones) to open fire with firearms

The Saville Reports represents an official declaration of innocence for the victims of the biggest British military killing of UK civilians in their own country since the Peterloo Massacre in 1819. The deaths propelled a generation of nationalists into the Provisional IRA.


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