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Russell Tice is a Former NSA Intelligence Analyst & Capabilities Operations Officer Specializing in Offensive Information Warfare (O-IW). In 2005 Tice helped spark a national controversy over claims that the NSA and the DIA were engaged in unlawful and unconstitutional wiretaps on US citizens, and later admitted that he was one of the sources that were used in the New York Times' reporting on the wiretap activity in 2005.

2006 Abbey Martin interview

Abby Martin: Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice - is the NSA Blackmailing Obama?]
  • Interview transcript [1]


“Why would anyone believe a bloody word of what NSA says about their mass domestic surveillance programs? They have lied repeatedly in the past and they are likely lying now. They have been collecting meta data and content, word-for-word, both voice and text, for some time now.”
Russ Tice (2019)  [2]


In 2013, MSNBC broadcast some of Tice's revelations but censored "his revelations on NSA's targeting of Obama, elected officials, attorneys, judges and activists".[3]