Rose Cheramie

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(JFK/Assassination/Premature death)
Rose Cheramie.jpg
BornMelba Christine Marcades
Died4 September, 1965
Cause of death
Crushed skull
SubpageRose Cheramie/Warns of JFK assassination
Warned of JFK's assassination just before it happened

Rose Cheramie warned of JFK's assassination just before it happened.


She was found unconsciousness by the side of the road at Eunice, Louisiana, on 20th November 1963. The Louisiana State Police Memo reported: "Cheramie died of injuries received from an automobile accident on a strip of highway near Big Sandy, Texas, in the early morning of September 4, 1965. The driver stated Cheramie had been lying in the roadway and although he attempted to avoid hitting her, he ran over the top of her skull, causing fatal injuries. An investigation into the accident and the possibility of a relationship between the victim and the driver produced no evidence of foul play. The case was closed."