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Employment.png Rector of Dundee University 
Craig Murray 2019.jpg
Former Rector Craig Murray (in 2019)


The Rector of the University of Dundee is elected by the matriculated students of the University of Dundee. From 1967 (when the University gained independence from the University of St. Andrews) to 2010, the Rector was automatically a full member of the University Court (the University Governing body). The Rector also had the right to appoint an Assessor, who was also a full member of the University Court. Following changes made to the University Charter in August 2010, the Rector must choose to take up full membership of the University Court or appoint an Assessor who has full voting rights.

If the Rector chooses not take up full membership of Court, he retains the right to receive Court papers and attend its meetings but not to vote. The present holder of the position is Jim Spence who succeeded Mark Beaumont in 2019 and was formally installed as Rector in a ceremony held on 9 September 2019.[1]

Aside from his official duties to the university, the Rector is charged with the responsibility of representing the students of the University who elect him for a three-year term. The Rector is officially installed in a ceremony soon after his election by the University's Chancellor or, in his place, the Vice-Chancellor.

2007 - Craig Murray

Election: 16 February 2007
Installation: 26 September 2007 [2]

Craig Murray, a former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, graduate of the university and twice President of the university's Students' Association. He resigned as an ambassador over differences with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office relating to the use of torture and extraordinary rendition in Uzbekistan. Murray was elected by students on 16 February 2007 by a vote of 632 to 582, beating competition from former Scotland rugby captain and British and Irish Lions star Andy Nicol.

The Rectorial Installation of Craig Murray took place on 26 September 2007 in the new Heathfield teaching building. In his Address, the new Rector discussed the structure of education in Scotland, creating a university environment better adapted to the needs of undergraduates and the status of ancient university government, including a commitment to campaign for the incorporation of the position of Rector at all universities in Scotland.[3]

The University Senate refused Murray the customary honorary degree awarded to Rectors on the grounds that he was not a distinguished individual.


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