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Status: experimental
This property is for UK companieshouse URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      companieshouse URLs of people or companies
  • Predicate:  Has companieshouse
  • Object:        URLs of companieshouse pages (type URL)

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Page nameHas companieshouse
David Gordon-Macleod
Christopher Burrows 3gW5ZqmAatM8dEIwPX05P5Y/appointments
Richard Dearlove 99BIcQwg/appointments
Chris Donnelly EpN6UT9WKjNCj3o5vA6bzlsTvc/appointments
Samantha de Bendern
Simon Ralph Barrett
Bill Fairclough Qg3xznqs/appointments
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This property is for UK companieshouse URLs +
Property:Has companieshouse +
Property:Has_companieshouse +
experimental +
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