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Status: stable
This property to specify an ISBN number of a document.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames of books
  • Predicate:  Has ISBN
  • Object:        ISBN numbers (type Text)
    Note: This is not for journals' ISSN numbers.

27 Pages use the property "Has ISBN"

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Page nameHas ISBN
Nato's Secret Armies0-7146-5607-0, 0-7146-8500-3
File:Acid dreams.pdf0-802-13062-3
File:Martin Bormann - Nazi In Exile.pdf0-8184-0309-8
File:Barack Obama - the Unauthorized Biography.pdf0-930852-91-5
Document:Nigeria war over Biafra0099469723
File:Between Two Ages.pdf0313234981
The Road To 9-110520237730
Conjuring Hitler074532181X
File:Unconditional Hatred.pdf0815970021
Other Losses0889226652
File:Heresy in 21st Century France.pdf0906879345
TRANCE formation of America0966016548
Document:The Spectacle of The False Flag098823405X
File:Bloody Vengeance in Sirte.pdf1-56432-952-6
Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower1-56751-374-3
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man1576753018
Hidden History1780576307
Murder in Samarkand1845961943
File:The Big Breach.pdf1903813018
File:Israeli Founding Myths.pdf1913057135
The "Terrorism" Industry978-0394580807
Document:American War Machine978-1-4422-0589-5
Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet978-1-939293-00-8
File:Orwellian Ireland.pdf9780955681202
File:Isenberg Private Military Contractors.pdf978–82–7288–324–8
File:The Holocaust Industry.pdfISBN 1859847730
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1845961943  +
0-7146-5607-0, 0-7146-8500-3  +
0889226652  +
978-0394580807  +
0520237730  +