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Facts about "Osama bin Laden"
Born on10 March 1957 +
ConstitutesSpook + and Enemy image +
DescriptionA CIA operative, heavily involved in CIA covert operations such as Operation Cyclone and Gladio plan B. +
Died onDecember 2001 +
Display born on10 March 1957 +
Display died onDecember 2001 +
Display docTypeWikiSpooks Page +
Display imageFile:Binladen.jpg +
Display image2File:Binladen.jpg +
Display lifespan10 March 1957 - December 2001 +
Has bilderbergCount0 +
Has birthPlaceRiyadh + and Saudi Arabia +
Has cercleCount 0 +
Has child20 +
Has deathPlaceAbbottabad + and Pakistan +
Has fullPageNameOsama bin Laden +
Has fullPageNameeOsama_bin_Laden +
Has historycommons +
Has imageFile:Binladen.jpg +
Has image2File:Binladen.jpg +
Has imdb +
Has nationalitySaudi Arabia + and Stateless +
Has noRatings0 +
Has objectClassPerson +
Has objectClass2Person +
Has postingGeneral Emir of Al-Qaeda +
Has religionIslam +
Has revisionSize7,541 +
Has revisionUserRobin +
Has sourcewatch +
Has spouseNajwa Ghanhem Khadijah Sharif +
Has wikipediaPage +
Has wikipediaPage2 +
Has wikiquote +
Is not stubtrue +
ON died on2 May 2011 +
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Osama bin Laden +