Oktoberfest Bombing

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Event.png "“terrorism”"
Oktoberfest Bombing (bombing,  mass murder) Rdf-icon.png
Oktoberfest Bombing.jpg
DateSeptember 26, 1980
LocationMunich,  West Germany
Injured (non-fatal)211
DescriptionA bomb in Munich attributed to a "lone nut" neo-nazi, Gundolf Köhler.

The Oktoberfest Bombing happened in 1980 in Munich, West Germany. It was blamed on a "lone nut" neo-nazi, Gundolf Köhler.

Official narrative

It was the work of "lone nut" neo-nazi, Gundolf Köhler.


On February 4, 2015, the German ARD television channel broadcast the documentary “Assassins—A Single Perpetrator? Latest revelations about the Oktoberfest bombing” by Daniel Harrich. This suggests that Gundolf Köhler was only the last link in a complex chain, suggesting that the bombing might have been the product of an Operation Gladio-like structure.[1]