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Concept.png Mind control  Namebase
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Interest of • Ewen Cameron
• George Estabrooks
• Sidney Gottlieb
• John Marks
• Project CHATTER
• Project MKDELTA
• Project MKNAOMI
• Colin A. Ross
Subpage(s)Mind control/Mind Control and Child Abuse



     Page name     StartEndPerpetratorsDescription
Project MKUltra13 April 19531964CIA
Project MonarchCIA

Victims of Mind control on Wikispooks

Cathy O'Brien
Sirhan SirhanA patsy who was very likely MK-ultra'ed to assassinate Robert Kennedy.

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TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
A Massacre is Not a Massacrepoem3 June 2010Ghassan Hage
Alice in Wonderlandarticle1 November 2003Tim BaberA slightly off-beat and idiosyncratic but gentle introduction to a subject which - for most people, most of the time - is safely relegated to the realm of fictional horror, ridiculous 'conspiracy theory' or similar mental pigeon-hole, so that life can proceed 'as normal'.
CIA Experiments on Childrenarticle12 August 2010H.P. Albarelli Jr.
Jeffrey Kaye
Finders Keepersarticle1 June 2000David McGowanClear evidence of suppression of an investigation into a child trafficking ring with blatantly obvious ties to US military and intelligence organisations.
How do Pedophiles get away with it?article19 October 2012'A Peasant'
Masters of Persuasionarticle2005David Guyatt
Mind Control and the US Governmentarticle1992Martin Cannon
Project Monarchreport1 January 1999Ron PattonA brief, authoritative introduction to Project Monarch
Staged ISIS Videos Exemplify Fake Newsarticle7 September 2014Jay DyerISIS and the methodology, motivations and people behind the production and stage management of FAKE NEWS
The CIA - long-range planning for a drugged and debilitated societywebpage4 July 2015Jon RappoportA re-examination of an obscure appendix from a CIA document that was exposed by the 1977 Senate hearings into MKULTRA. Is a secret CIA unit directing and expanding drug use in a pre-meditated effort to weaken society?
The new mind controlarticleMarch 2016Robert EpsteinThe internet has spawned subtle forms of influence that can flip elections and manipulate everything we say, think and do
File:Tranceformation america.pdfbook1999Mark Phillips
Cathy O'Brien
An account of a victim and survivor of the CIA's MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation
Transcendence (2014) – Esoteric Analysisarticle20 August 2014Jay DyerEsoteric analysis of the 2014 Holywood film "Transcendence" starring Johnny Depp - "The kind of film stupid people think is smart" - Author.
Tron (1982) – The Ultimate Predictive PROGRAMmingarticle28 September 2014Jay DyerAn esoteric analysis of the 1982 Sci-Fi film "Tron"
United States, Canada, Britain: Partners in mind-control operationsarticleJuly 1996Armen Victorian
V for Vendetta (2005): Managed Dialecticsarticle11 October 2014Jay DyerEsoteric analysis of the 2005 cult film "V for Vendetta.
War and Peace - The Lost Principles of Science and Valuearticle17 June 2015John McMurtryA wide-ranging critique of the techniques of globalisation and the way in which apparently otherwise well-meaning western NGOs frame the worlds problems in US war propaganda terms
Who is Responsible for Suicide Academies?article8 November 2010Peter Chamberlin

Related Quotation

Strategy of tension“In order to tackle the root causes of radicalization ("Radicalization" refers to a value shift towards fovouring a more equal distribution of wealth) in particular of young people, the EU should consider strengthening targeted actions designed to raise awareness and promote the respect of fundamental rights and values".”European Ministers of the Interior2015

An official example

Jonestown massacre18 November 197818 November 1978


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