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Person.png Michael Howard   Powerbase SourcewatchRdf-icon.png
(Deep politician)
Born Michael Hecht
Gorseinon, United Kingdom
Alma mater Peterhouse (Cambridge), Inns of Court School of Law
Religion Judaism
Children Nicholas Larissa
Spouse Sandra Paul
Member of Le Cercle
Party Conservative

Employment.png Leader of the Opposition Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
6 November 2003 - 6 December 2005
Preceded by Iain Duncan Smith
Succeeded by David Cameron

Employment.png Leader of the Conservative Party Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
6 November 2003 - 6 December 2005
Preceded by Iain Duncan Smith
Succeeded by David Cameron

Employment.png Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
18 September 2001 - 6 November 2003
Preceded by Michael Portillo
Succeeded by Oliver Letwin

Employment.png Shadow Foreign Secretary Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
11 June 1997 - 15 June 1999
Preceded by John Major

Employment.png Shadow Home Secretary Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
2 May 1997 - 11 June 1997
Preceded by Jack Straw

Employment.png Home Secretary Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
27 May 1993 - 2 May 1997
Preceded by Kenneth Clarke
Succeeded by Jack Straw

Employment.png Secretary of State for the Environment Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
11 April 1992 - 27 May 1993
Preceded by Michael Heseltine

Employment.png Secretary of State for Employment Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
3 January 1990 - 11 April 1992

Employment.png Minister of State for Housing

In office
25 July 1989 - 3 January 1990

Employment.png Minister of State for the Environment

In office
25 July 1988 - 25 July 1989

Employment.png Minister of State for Local Government

In office
13 June 1987 - 25 July 1988

Michael Howard (Baron Howard of Lympne) is a British politician who was Leader of the Conservative Party.[1]

UK Home Secretary

Michael Howard has claimed that he could not recall the name "Baybaşin".[2]


A Document by Michael Howard

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:The British Occult Secret ServicearticleApril 2008Occultism
Richard Heß
On the occult connections and practices of the British Secret Intelligence Services from their origins in Medieval England through to the present day.


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