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(lawyer, deep state actor)
Hess on 8th floor.jpg
A still from the video released by NIST in 2010 which shows Michael Hess calling for help from the 8th floor of WTC7.
Bornca. 1939
Alma materYale University, Harvard University
A witness to the destruction of WTC7 who refused to speak about the the discrepancies he observed from the 9-11 official narrative.

Employment.png Corporation Counsel for New York City

In office
1998 - 31 December 2001
Appointed byRudy Giuliani
A close associate of Rudy Giuliani. A job he had on 9/11.

Michael D. Hess was made Corporation Counsel for New York City by Rudy Giuliani, a job he held on 9/11, when he went up WTC7 with Barry Jennings and they witnessed evidence (e.g. the missing bottom floors of that building) which contradicted the 9-11 official narrative.


Hess is a "Yale and Harvard graduate".[1]


Michael Hess was a senior managing partner of Giuliani Partners. On 20 1997, Rudolph W. Giuliani, named Michael D. Hess as the City's Corporation Counsel.[2]


Together with Barry Jennings, Michael Hess was rescued from WTC7 after it had been evacuated but before it was destroyed. When the pair reached the 6th floor, as they later both testified, they were hit by a large explosion. The stairs underneath the men gave way and they were forced to climb over rubble to reach the 8th floor. There, Hess called for help from the window and they were rescued by New York City firefighters.[3]

Hess interview on 9/11

Mr. Hess gave a live interview with Frank Ucciardo on September 11th, 2001, in which he stated "I was up the emergency management center on the 23rd floor and when all the power went out in the building, er, another gentleman and I [Barry Jennings] walked down to the 8th floor where there was an explosion and we were trapped on the 8th floor with smoke, thick smoke, all around us for about an hour and a half."[4]

In 2010, NIST released a video showing Michael Hess calling for help from a window which corroborates this part of the testimony.[5] While Jennings gave interviews about what he witnessed, and later died suddenly in unclear circumstances, Hess does not return phone calls or agree to interviews from 9/11 truth reporters.[6]

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