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Le Cercle meetings have had 302 known visitors since their first meeting in 1952. This probably represents only a fraction of the total visitors.

Attendance patterns

Typically, there is a "hard core" of regular members (c.f. the Bilderberg Steering Committee and occasional guests who are invited only for consultation on a single topic.[1]


Most Cercle attendees have a hawkish orientation, which could be summarised as 'extreme right wing'. Many have been closely involved in establishing institutions to promote first "anti-communism" and later "counter-terrorism". These have been used to promote cold war paranoia and lay the ideological groundwork for a "global war on terror".[2]

Lists of Le Cercle guests


  1. Rogue Agents
  2. Note, for example the connections to the 1979 JCIT; at least 4 Cercle members gave presentations and many started groups focusing on "terrorism research".