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Person.png Katherine Horton LinkedIn Patreon Website YouTubeRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(academic, physicist)
Alma materUniversity of Oxford/St John's College
Victim ofattempted assassination?
Interests • MI5
• MI6
• directed energy weapons
• Supranational Deep State

Dr. Katherine Horton is a physicist who reports that she is engaged in conflict with intelligence agencies.


Katherine Horton left Romania age 9 for Germany. She moved to St John's College, Oxford University to study particle physics. She took an undergraduate, masters and that a doctorate in particle physics.


Katherine Horton founded a website entitled Stop007.org. She reports that as she "was attending a High Court case in London as part of her systems analysis research into the English legal system, MI5 openly stalked her home from court and placed a thug to wait for her outside her home every morning to follow her to the train station."[1]

She reports that she was targeted with Directed Energy Weapons. In spring 2016, she saught "an emergency injunction from the London High Court against British Intelligence."[1] She reports that she was a victim of an attempted assassination. She writes that she is "investigating crimes committed with Directed Energy Weapons, Military Neuro- and Biotechnology and Systemic Corruption.[1]

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