Johann Biacsics

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"“conspiracy theorist”, “anti-vaxxer”"
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(COVID-19/Premature death?, COVID-19/Dissident)
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Johann Biacsics
Died11 November 2021 (Age 65)
Cause of death
Covid-19?, bleach poisoning?
Leader of the Austrian Anti-vaxxer movement dies of COVID?

Johann Biacsics, Austrian leader of the COVID-19/Dissident movement, died in November 2021.[1] Corporate media tells us that he took a bleach enema before he died, something that is "very popular among Covid deniers."[2]

Wikipedia only found him notable enough to add after he died, not earlier as a "leader of the COVID-19/Dissident movement". The first article on him is from 5 December,2021.[3]

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